A New Year-Simple Organization

I'm so ready for 2021!  New Year's I think is my favorite holiday.  The calm after the storm, everything feels peaceful and quiet outside, and warm and cozy inside, as we brave the few months until spring.  It's always been a time for me to get things in order, and this year more than ever.  The last four or so years I feel like I've lived in crisis mode.  I've taken my deep breath, and continue to do so this year, as I create a new life for myself and myself children, and navigate what makes me feel safe and secure and happy.

And I believe that is the core, the very beginning, of creating an organizational system that works for you.  Instead of jumping in right away, we have to ask ourselves what we want and how to go about getting those things, and what we don't want and how to better manage, diminish and/or cope with those things.

Have you ever made a list of things that bring you joy?  Things that you enjoy doing?  Things that you hate doing?  What you want your day to look like?  A week?  A year?  Your life?  What is one or two feelings you want to have and others that you want to avoid?  What are your priorities?  What do you want to accomplish this year?  How do you want to feel?  How do you want to show up for others?  What do you worry about the most?  Who do you want to be? 

I did this and it taught me so much about myself.  

For example, I hate feeling rushed.  Even if I don't have to rush, I sometimes feel this pressure to get things done quickly.  I want to be more present.  I want to slow down-I think it's a habit of raising six kids, and always having to work around a feeding, or a soccer game, or a pick up time.  And I'm a list checker offer.  But often I overfill my time and put my brain and body into overdrive.  

I crave a clean house and I love cleaning.  That's important to me.  A clean house is a peaceful house to me.  I want to maintain this, but in a slow steady way with balance...bite off a little every day.

I don't love cooking really, I don't mind it, but food is a major part of this household and I wanted to streamline that as much as possible.  I want to add new recipes, but want them to be easy, and please (mostly) the whole family.

Financial and household management organization makes me feel secure and safe and I tend to have a lot of anxiety around those two things, so I know they are very important to me. 

I want to fit in things I love doing-writing, and painting furniture and my booth but not let it take over the running of this household.

And I know I need simple. Digital things overwhelm me, I like paper, and simple systems. 

More than anything I want to be present to my children, and create a warm and loving home.

Although it feels silly, those questions can shape your days so much, try them!  I'll show you soon how I created systems that work for my answered questions in another post.


  1. Excellent things to think about as we begin this new year.

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  3. I love this & your reminder to be in the moment!

  4. Hi Sarah, Happy New Year! Silly question...what type of toaster do I see on your counter, and do you love it?

  5. "The calm after the storm" love it!