Bathroom Organization-Five Tips For Purging and Organization

Hi Everyone!

Today is Day One of 40 Bags in 40 Days (all the old posts HERE) and I've made my list and I'm checking it twice!  I started in the farthest corner of my first floor which happens to be the old Master Bathroom.  The kids and I use this space mostly for morning duties, like tooth brushing and hair-do's, and my teen uses it for "his" bathroom.  It's a nice overflow bathroom (my other two full baths are upstairs and I have a TINY 1/2 bath in the older section of the first floor.


The 'Sell This House" Method Of Spring Cleaning

Thought I'd repost this since I started my spring cleaning method this week!

Here's how I spring clean:
1. I buy a notebook.
I make a heading for each room. Even closets.
I imagine that I'm a potential buyer of this house. You know...PRETEND!...and see the room through someone else's eyes.
I stand in each room and look around and see all the imperfections.