Today I celebrate two years out from my last chemo treatment, cancer free.  

Seven months before that last chemo day my life changed so dramatically it still seems like that person I once was, has died, and I’ve had to remake myself from scratch.  My brain broken from emotional trauma , and then chemo that made it all worse, my heart shattered by the husband I loved,  my body fed poison to overpower the poison that was growing inside.  My life blew up.  


A Little To-Do List For Kids and Parents


Tips For Schooling Children At Home And A Request

I am NOT a homeschool mom.  I have dreamed about it and read about it, but have never dove in for a plethora of reasons, some of them that ended up being heaven sent (like homeschooling during a year of cancer? NO!).

BUT that means if you are home trying to make this new thing work, I get it.  I'm there too.  And with six kids, I've also been a manager of a busy household, helped with homework all the time, and had multiple ages all needing my attention.


Ordinary Days

An apron with her sister high heeled boots that we have forbidden her to wear because they are so loud.


40 Bags in 40 Days-Post Six

I had a busy weekend with surprise visitors so I took a break from my rampage through the house.

Matt's room (well when he's home from college) was up next.  It's a little room so pretty easy.  EXCEPT that I got carried away when I started cleaning and realized how bad the trim and doors needed to be painted.  I had the house painted a few years ago but we skipped this room because it will full of Legos and lizards and lots of things.

I whipped out the paint and drop cloths and painted the trim in one day-the same day I repainted the desk. (Remember I have NO kids home during the day-they are all at school)!  Doing this slowed me down a little bit also.  But the room looks SO fresh and clean.

Keep in mind that with photos show a room I just cleaned and that no one for this minute lives in.  Matt is coming home from spring break, so Andrew moved into the "boy's room".  Which is up next for me to tackle.  Maybe I should post a pic of what this room looks like after a college kid comes home.  Eeeek!

All furniture in here was free from various sources.


40 Bags in 40 Days-Post Five

The "kid's" bathroom.  We are lucky to now have three full baths in our house, but when we just had two this was called "the kid's bathroom".  It is small and simple.  Easy to clean with great original-to-the-house built in storage. 

Abbey's things on the right, boy's on the left. :)


40 Bags in 40 Days-Post Four

Janey's room!  For those new here Janey is seven.  Her room is the perfect size and she has a great closet.

Bed was a Craigslist find that I painted and wicker end table to given to me by a friend that was moving.  Her pictures are from a book I had when I was younger-I bought a used copy and chose a morning prayer to frame.
The curtains are made out of two cotto tablecloths I found at TJ Maxx at Easter time-they have pink stitching.


Triple Negative Breast Cancer Awareness Day

Today is Triple Negative Breast Cancer Awareness Day~March 3rd~I bet you didn't know that!

I am almost two years out (celebrating March 30) from my last chemo treatments. It seems like ages ago. My hair grew back, my body is strong, but I’m still not sure I even processed the whole experience. For awhile I couldn’t even talk about it. But I knew with time I would be able to help others - I know we are called to do that with the crosses we bear.


40 Bags in 40 Days-Post Three

What a dreary Monday we are having here, but the sun and temps look great for the week. 

Up next for today's 40 Bags is my closet.  

I don't like a lot of clothes and shoes and find myself wearing the same things again and again.  As a stay at home mom, I seem to always have had a "uniform" depending on what the fashion is.  It went from leggings, to khakis, to yoga pants, back to leggings again!  With jeans mixed in and a few dress up things.  Cotton sweaters and tops.  Shorts and easy dresses in the summer. 

I am the same with jewelry.  Less is more for me.

I always say the more I simplify the more I use what I have.  SO true with clothes.  And I LOVE cleaning out closets. Call me if you need my help! :)

Tips at the end of the post...

I am a size 10.5 and so I have to order my shoes online almost always.  Therefore-less shoes, because that is a pain!  I also have another area for shoes at the front of the closet.