Back To School


It is back to school time for the youngest three-Andrew is a sophomore in college, Patrick started high school, and Janey is in fifth grade.   I've always said this is a sentimental time of year for me-it just feels like this is when it's apparent how fast the years are flying by.  I'm so grateful though that everyone is happy where they are-thriving and growing with great schools and teachers and classes and friends. 

I am back at home not teaching- health-wise I will have way too low immunity to fight anything, and I know it's the right choice-I don't have the energy or time frankly to give it my all, although I sure loved that job.  Thankfully I also adore being home, and I will always have enough to do here.  I am never having to rush or feel that my brain is juggling too much, or that there isn't enough time in the day.  I love tending my home inside and out, and just living a quieter and slower life.  I love being outside every day and noticing the weather and nature - the trees and birds and smells and sounds.  It has been a gorgeous sunny summer, with just enough rain.  I've been on my porch for most of it, it seems.