Favorite Things: Teen and College-Aged Guys

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With as few words as possible this is Matt (20) and Andrew's (16) favorite things or wish list items:

Image result for nike nsw club joggers
Nike NSW Joggers
Super soft and comfortable.

Wilson NCAA Final Four Edition Basketball, Official - 29.5"
Wilson Indoor Basketball

Nike Unisex Dri-Fit Crew 6-Pair Pack Black/(White) LG (Men's Shoe 8-12, Women's Shoe 10-13)
Nike Dri Fit Black Socks
Not too long and not too short.

And these:

Old Spice Swagger.
Smells great and actually works.

Nike Men's Sportswear Club Fleece Hoodie 1
Nike Pull Over Hoodie
Super plain soft hoodie that matches everything.

Bluetooth Adaptor
If you have an old car.

Mom's note: This is a wish list item-if these are given the cost will be split.


Fire TV Stick
Easiest and cheapest to watch all the platforms on TV in college.

Hasbro Risk Game
Hasbro Risk Game
It's a strategic fun board game.

Image result for American Challenge Brasilia Soccer Ball
American Brasilia Soccer Ball

Record Player
Because they are still and always will be the best way to listen to music.

Best Charger Cords in a 4-pack of all different lengths

Hubsan Drone-fun and works with good reviews.

Nerf Elite
Cheap and fun. Only $5-buy enough to have a war.  Lasts forever.

Dart Board
Fun for everyone in the family.

Fishing Rod with Accessories
Everything you need to go fishing.


Favorite Things: Abbey Edition (Gifts for girls 15-25)

Click here for all of our gift idea posts for different ages-our favorite, most-played with, delivered-to-your-doorstep, Mom-approved toys.

I'm very excited to take over the blog today and share with you guys a couple of my favorite items that I use daily!  

Have you heard of these? They're known to do a number of things like boost your mood, balance electromagnetic radiation, clean and purify air for enhanced breathing, reduce stress, and help calm allergies.  Who knows if any of that is true, but regardless it sure is a cute decoration for your dorm, apartment, or bedroom.   

If you ever work out with resistance bands, you have probably had that embarrassing and painful moment at the gym where that little tear in your band finally snaps mid-lunge.  I have been using these bad boys for over a year now and they still haven't given out on me!  For a very inexpensive price, I was surprised and very happy with the quality of these.  Better, they come in 5 different widths and colors and come in a cute little package that keeps them organized in your gym bag.  

My mom will roll her eyes at me putting this on here because she is SO the opposite of a designer perfume gal... but this scent is really worth the price.  Not only is the packaging beautiful, the scent is made up of a blend of jasmine, granny smith apples, blackcurrant, and a tiny hint of musk.  My best friend smelled it once and said "Oh yeah, if I could describe you in any scent this is definitely it." I guess I'll take that as a compliment? A little bit goes a long way, and it makes me feel a little more confident and luxe for a night out.  

I used to love getting my nails done, but got to the point where I couldn't justify the price every two weeks! I ended up getting this amazing starter kit and light and haven't looked back.  It comes with everything you need and step by step instructions.  I highly recommend buying a metal spoon edged cuticle pusher because it helps to remove gel in a way that it really gentle for your nails. This company also came out with a kit that can turn regular polish into gel polish, so check that out as well!

My friend gave me this palette as a gift, and I love using it for fun glam makeup styles.  The palette is toned heavy with purples and pinks but has amazing pigmented glitter shadows as well.  I love using warmer tones to offset my blue eyes and this really does it! The purple tones are also brilliant for green eyes, and the gold tones to bring out brown eyes. Side note, I have also accidentally dropped this palette numerous times with no shattered or broken squares so you can really tell the quality is awesome.  
Runner-up: Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette. 

Ever since I switched to using wireless headphones, I really cannot go back.  These are my favorite.  Waterproof and noise cancelling, these earbuds actually stay in my ears on the treadmill, have great bass, and don't have to be charged too often.  Easiest $20 I ever spent.

This is one of the two products I use for my skincare routine! I love using oil because I have extremely dry and sometimes problematic skin.  This oil is refreshing, extremely gentle, and smells amazing.  I like to use a dab before putting on my primer.  

Surviving Midwest winters means investing in a great pair of boots.  My recommendation every time is Timberlands.  They are extremely durable, weather resistant, and look great with jeans and leggings.  Better yet, you can absolutely destroy them and bring them back to life with just a scrub brush and dish soap.  (Looks like mine need a good cleaning sometime soon.)  The color of my pair is Gull Grey, but I have been eyeing the white and gold ones for awhile. 

This is a super cute gift idea for virtually any age!  I bought a bunch of film in bulk and took silly pictures of my friends and I all the way through college. I know have enough to cover an entire wall in mini polaroids.  I have always loved how film can capture authentic, timeless memories in a really unique way.  Also, I am a young millennial so I have no grasp of film being the only way to take a picture which is probably why I enjoy it so much.  I also love that these cameras come in really fun pastel colors. 

This phone case might be the best thing that has ever happened to me.  OK but seriously, I am never going back.  I hated having a seperate wallet and phone because it was too annoying to keep track of and it cluttered all of my bags.  This is made for people who don't want to carry a purse all of the time but don't want to hold a phone all night.  It has room for multiple cards, cash, and even keys.  The removable chain and wristlet attachments make it even more versatile. 

Happy shopping! 


Encouragement For The Week

People would much rather have your attention,
than your perfection.
Katie Deckert


Thinking, Playing, Reading

I've been listening to this podcast by Father Timothy Gallagher and I'm loving it.  I ordered his book also, which looks heavy but I want to reinforce the podcasts that I am listening to. 

We've been baking lots of cookies and I'm slowly putting my house back together after getting new carpet.  Doing all this one-handed.  It's not easy and so slllooowwww.  Which is annoying to me.  Because I was getting so frustrated I made a future and now to-do list.  My future to-do list is 38 items long but that doesn't overwhelm me-it's getting them off my brain and onto paper that is have the fun and feels so good.

I am trying to get my Top Ten gifts ideas ready for after Thanksgiving-hoping typing gets easier. 

Meanwhile one of our favorite winter activities are puzzles-the big ones that everyone can sit down and work for a few minutes or hours on boring nights and weekends.  Our library has lots on loan.  It is easier for us now without toddlers-I know that's impossible when little hands are reaching up and can take down weeks of work in one quick minute. :)


We are reading this book for our book club this month and it's JUST my type of book, and I can not put it down.  I have to keep reminding myself that this is a modern day book-it seems like her experience in North Korea had to happen in the early 1900's-just the level of violence and starvation and mistreatment of humanity.  It's a really good book.


Encouragement For The Week

you are not fit for a happy life

unless you learn to be content

in every situation.

contentment doesn't result in 

having everything you desire.

it stems from showing appreciation

to the little thing you have.


Favorite Things

Hi there!  I am typing with my left hand which is sllooowww going.  Had a little slip down the stairs on the way to the laundry room last Thursday and shattered my wrist...surgery Friday and now a big fat cast protecting a bone with some metal pinned to it.  

I've been asked by my lovely friend Melissa from 320 Sycamore to participate in her annual 10 favorite things blog hop.  

I love this so much-it smells like old-fashioned tanning oil, the kind that isn't made anymore, rightly so.  It makes me in a good mood every morning.  Summer in a bottle!

 I use it before I go to bed and all these scents are absolutely delicious smelling. 

My brother Andy is a very talented artist who hand creates these gorgeous serving bowls, as well as other ceramic pieces.  These make beautiful house-warming holiday gifts (or something special for yourself!).  Check out some of his new work here.

My daughter got me hooked on this water bottle which helps keep track of the ounces of water you are drinking every hour.  Perfect for anyone trying to make small changes towards a healthier lifestyle. 

Cozy Shirt and Pants Pajama Set
My sister bought these PJ's for me last Christmas and they are SUPER DUPER soft and comfortable.  I still wear them every night.  They don't even look like PJ's so you could sneak out in them to the store late at night to get ice cream if you needed to.

These Anne Cate wristlets are the perfect customizable gift. She has over 100 unique skylines and tons of cute things in her shop.  

We picked this out as a birthday gift for Jeff, and I must say that it is ridiculously fun to ride.  My daughter likes to say "You can't be sad on a scooter," and I must agree. Here is where it all started...me being forced onto one by my daughter and niece last year and loving it in spite of being scared to death.  We went on a family trip to visit my oldest in DC and we all hopped on them and Jeff had so much fun we decided it would be a perfect family
/Dad gift.

We keep it inside to charge it and it is fast and goes far-it says 18 miles but we have just used it for zipping around downtown.

I wear these every single day in the cold months.  They were given to me during my illness and I love them.  Ugg boots are for outside, these are inside.  Back and forth all winter.

The best book light ever!  Rechargeable and charge lasts forever.
(And the sweetest book-a book every mom should write.)


...this reminder...to myself-

(Quote here.)

Love yourself and pray to be kind, patient and loving everyday-the best version of yourself.
Smell your baby's neck as much as possible.
Squeeze your toddler's cute little smooshy body.
Listen to all the kid's stories.
Tell your teenager that you love them and will give them another chance at whatever.

When your husband walks in the door give him a huge hug and kiss and tell him how much you appreciate him.  

Call your parents and revisit a great childhood memory.

Say "I'm sorry" often.  It soothes all souls.

Clean your home and love it even though it might not be the coolest.  Don't compare it to all those fake images.  It keeps you warm and holds the ones you love.

Be content with what you can afford.   Things are fun for a short time but joy can't be bought.

Appreciate every day you wake up.

Say thank you.