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Isaac is 15!

Happy Birthday Isaac! You are not much different from that chubby baby you were 14 1/2 years ago. Yes, you've gained a couple pounds, and are no longer off the weight/height charts in comparison with your peers. But you are still:
1. Cute. Or handsome...whatever you prefer.
2. So friendly. When you were a baby in your stroller, I couldn't go anywhere without you making those around you smile and comment...you'd have that twinkle in your eye and that cute smile, and even the crabbiest citizens of the world couldn't resist your cheery temperament.
3. You are teaching us as much as we are teaching you...whether it's about diapers, or cell phone usage, we are learning together and I couldn't pick a kinder, gentler, more patient example for the rest of our family.
We all LOVE you Isaac. We are proud of the man you are becoming, SO proud of your first year in high school, and excited about the future!
Happy Fifteenth!


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Well Taught, Moderately Willing


The Front Yard


Oldest and Youngest

Just breaks my heart...in 3 years Isaac will leaving for college, and Patrick will be starting preschool. 



(me with my friend Kathleen, sitting in the kitchen on my birthday)

You all know I dream of the simple life.
Just last week, I was outside during the warm spell, and had a little memory hit me hard. Usually a smell can trigger that, but this time it was just the weather.
Summer time.
Playing outside, running up and down hills, hearing crickets and birds.
And the phone ringing.
Of course my mom would answer it...it was almost always for her anyways.
And then she would talk for a minute or two, and be done.
Sometimes, but rarely, she talked longer.

But then I was thinking about how little, by comparison to our lives, our parents were distracted by outside life. A couple channels on the TV, no cell phones, and one or two home phones that didn't have call waiting, or caller ID, or answering machines, AND best of all,
were attached by a long, curly cord.

Meaning my mom could NOT cook dinner and chat on the phone.
Or drive a car, and chat on the phone.
Or tie shoes, and chat on the phone.

In other words, she was PRESENT, most of the day with little distraction.

I remind myself of this often.
Why could I not be brave enough to buy one of these now?

I want one.
Do you know anyone who still uses a phone like this? A wall phone with a cord? No answering machine? Nothing else.
Tell me who.
Even if they're 90.
I want to daydream about it some more.