Encouragement For The Week

There are always flowers for those who want to see them.


Thinking, Playing, Reading

Stress Triggers: How Stress Affects Your Body
I have been here-all of it, almost every symptom,  Moms of many, pay attention!!! Moms of teens and little ones, for sure, pay attention.  
The biggest changes I made or was forced to make:
1. Saying no to my children.  Even about little things, that made my day, especially my summer, too crazy.  Or to anyone-it's so easy to say yes in the moment, and hard to say no.  Because I COULD do it, but not without a fast pace all day, and fast pace=stress.
2. Relaxing about everything-the way my house looks inside and out, etc.  It is really a mind set.  There are only so many hours in every day.  Make a list of priorities.  Keep cutting until you get to where you can breathe normally, and not feel stressed inside.  For everyone that is different and it is not a contest, it's about self-awareness, even if it means you can only meet the top three priorities-God, self, family.
3. Planning every week how I could take care of myself better-little fun things that made me feel good about myself.
4. Delegating more work to outside sources, or children, or my husband.  I was doing it all myself mostly, and I just couldn't bare the load - or I could, but not without a cost to my well-being.
5. Eating healthy.   This is probably the biggest thing.  I can tell immediately if I get off track and I feel more sensitive to this than ever, since I went through chemo.
6. Sleeping enough, but I will also say that wasn't really a choice, just my body, and earlier in my life, my children. 

I bought this magnetic white board and we love it.  My intention was to do a quote a week but I also find myself using it for weekend plans so everyone is aware of what is going on here.  Janey keeps switching it to the dishwasher to use it for fun.

Kendamas-Isaac is an expert on these things, but he has brothers and cousins all trying to keep up.  

Magnetic chess set-this set gets moved around the house a lot, and with all the rain we've had, it is getting used a lot.

Janey was dying for one of these "flippy" shirts which are all the rage and begged for one-I found this one on Amazon that is so cute and she was thrilled at her surprise gift.

These are THE BEST reading lights.  Rechargeable (no more batteries!!!) and it only takes a few minutes too.  We all have them and I've given them as gifts.


I am reading this book right now and it is hilarious but touching also. 


Melancholic Sentamentality Syndrome

I know I'm not the only mom of grown children who suffers from this syndrome I just made up.

It can hit at different times of the year.  Usually brought on by a change in seasons or change in circumstances, such as children leaving, summer beginning, school starting, weddings, new babies born to anyone, birthdays, graduations, etc.  Oh, and looking at scrapbooks, old photos, or God forbid home videos.

Deep yearning for the past-just one day of having them all babies again.

Doubt over wondering if I spent that time appreciating or fully soaking up the stage of life of having littles ones with very few outside obligations- being able to cultivate that "bubble".   Did I spend too much time thinking it would get easier one day instead of harder in different ways? 

A fear of starting to really feel the loss and sadness and knowing that if you start crying and really processing it all, you'll never stop the grief and tears, so better to just take a deep breath and live in the present.

Crazy lady desires like holding babies in grocery stores that aren't yours, dreaming of baskets of babies left on your doorstep, or wanting to pick up and squeeze every chubby little toddler that walks by.  "That" lady who wants to tell the mom of young ones to just slow down and appreciate the days at home, and not make the days rush by filled with activities.

Remember that we all learn by doing, in the moment, day by day, and we'd all do things differently throughout our life looking back.

Deeply deeply appreciate the choices we made to have me stay home and be HERE every day, through it all.  Deep gratitude.

Acknowledge that it always is easy to see the cuteness, and not the sleepless nights and inner tension of being at the beck and call of needy little guys all the time.

And most important-one day I will be saying the same thing about THESE days right now.


Get To Heaven and Take Others With You

A tribute to all the work my friend Kate Kelly did for Heartbeat.  She truly was a Saint and didn't just talk the talk but worked every day tirelessly to be holy.  Miss her, as does everyone who knew her.


Encouragement For The Week

If the grass looks greener on the other side...
stop staring.
Stop comparing.
Stop complaining.
Start watering the grass you are standing on.