Thanks For The Swing, Grandpa!

Couldn't Make It Through the Summer

I was wondering who would break something this summer. My last guess would have been Abbey! She stubbed her toe so hard, then again 3 times over the next 2 days, that I (who come from the stitch-it-up-yourself style of medical care) made an appt. for an x-ray, and lo and behold, a broken little toe.

I can't stop laughing at the humiliation she is experiencing walking around with this big clunker of a shoe, to replace her dainty pink flip-flop. That's what happens when you inconvenience your busy mother by breaking something...no compassion, just jokes.

Garage to Mud Room Transformation

I was desperate...I've always wanted one of those great big fancy mudrooms...but if I want one on this house, we'll have to shell out major dough...there is NO easy place to slap one on. And with 5 kids, we have MAJOR stuff...bikes, mittens, boots, sports equipment...you name it x 7...that adds up quick.

Since we don't park in our garage anyways,...it's too tight of a squeeze, I told my husband I was turning it into a great big storage and mudroom. (By the way...by in-laws did this to their garage before I did...and they park in the winter....they just roll up the carpet.)

Of course, I forgot to take "before" pictures, so it may not look so wonderful to you, but believe, me, the improvement is huge! This garage was NASTY...spiderwebs, chipping paint, dirt, dust, bugs, icky stuff EVERYWHERE...a typical, old-house garage.

1. First, I took ALL the stuff out. Threw away everything we don't use...I went through everything...every tool, toy, shoe, etc...

2. I scraped, primed and painted every wall and ceiling using nice outdoor paint (that was the worst part!!!)

3. I drew up a diagram so I wouldn't waste any space...I divided the room into areas...bike stands (from Lowes!), sports stuff, balls, and lockers.

The large set of shelves by the door has little outdoor toys, flashlights, tools, and pool toys in the plastic drawers and everything else stacked around them.

The garbage cans sitting on top of the lockers have each kid's winter stuff in it...Abbey informed me that the garbage cans don't really look so good, but I couldn't find something that looked better with a lid that didn't cost a ton, and fit on top...this was the most creative alternative that worked.

4.  The biggest difference...the cheap indoor/outdoor carpet (from Lowe's)..it's something I know I will have to replace every couple years, but it makes all the difference. Yes, I do vacuum my garage! The other alternative would be painting the floor with a nice coat of cement paint. I love the carpet though...keeps the dirt outside where it belongs, and is not slippery and wet in the winter.


Never Too Early To Start Mr. Freeze


Fire! or... Bugs!

It has been hard getting the baby down for naps with all the commotion at home. It seems like every time I have him just about relaxed and ready, someone wakes him up. I told Andrew this morning that I was going to be in my room putting the baby for a nap, and not to come in for ANYTHING except if there was a fire. I'd be out in 5 minutes.

3 seconds later...
Andrew-"Mom, there's a big bug in our house!"
Me-"Andrew, I said FIRE not BUGS!"
"But it's a bug!"
Me-"Do NOT come in here unless there is a fire!"
"Ok, Ok."

3 seconds later...
Andrew- "Mom, just fire, or smoke and fire too?"


Aftermath of an Explosion

Holy Orders

Abbey and her friend Julia dressed as nuns for a skit at Vacation Bible School.


Still cleaning out the garage...and trying to keep the little ones occupied!


I Thought It Was Too Quiet!

Caught breaking the summer rules of no electronics...obviously we are not both on board on this one since that's Jeff big fat head on the right!

Rare Footage!

Jeff with a power tool, helping with a project...seen only about once every ten years or so.


Baby Summer School

Today is Patrick's 1/2 birthday. I love this age more than anything...but it goes so fast and everything is bittersweet to me.

Here's the big boys teaching him how to sit up...and he really did it for the first time ever! They were so proud of him and his new trick.

On His Way to His First Million...

Isaac's first paycheck from umping...saving for a car which he will need in only 2 years!!!


Hilton Head Vacation

We had a great time in the best family vacation destination I've ever been to. I love Hilton Head and it's no secret to anyone who knows me. We are well rested (yeah, right!!!), and ready to start the summer off on the right foot. I am going to wade slowly into our routine, and try to go with the flow. Fear in the heart, but my head is clear.