Finally, warm weather.


Patrick and Dad

Do you know how many times I've heard "He looks just like his father!" over the years about the older boys (especially Andrew!)?

It's nice to have one that looks like me for a change!

Patience is a Virtue

On Saturday I was ordering some books from Amazon for the kids and needed to spend an extra $2 to get free shipping. So I quickly ordered the cheapest book from an old series that Andrew likes (Little Critter). I made the mistake of telling him about it and since then he has checked the mailbox all day and sat out front for hours waiting for the "present truck" (UPS). He has no concept of time or how the book actually gets here.
I hope to God it comes tomorrow or I will go and buy a book at Target, wrap it up and stick it in the mailbox just because I feel so bad watching him wait.



On Closer Look...

And I thought the dog was scaring away the birds!


The Chase Begins

Patrick has perfected the "roll" today. I put him on the blanket, and looked down a couple minutes later and he was gone! He rolled himself into a corner...

Aunt Katie

Aunt Katie came up to help because she knows when her sister is stressed out. She played with Andrew and cooked dinner. I actually got to go to Target for an hour by myself for the first time in 5 months.


Matthew and Patrick

Sleeping like a Baby (in his king-size bed)


He's Got Plans (and a Rude Awakening)

Andrew said today, "Mom, I only have one more day of preschool left and then you get to play with me ALL day." (Emphasis is his, not mine.)


Patrick on the way home from the pediatrician's where they gave him FOUR shots! Sleeping away his misery.

Rolling-Over Badge Earned!

Patrick can now roll both ways...but not usually consecutively. So once he gets from back to tummy he's stuck...and not happily.


Yesterday, for the first time:

Andrew was a dinosaur
Matthew was a baseball player
Abbey was a ballerina
Isaac was an umpire
and Patrick was an angel watching it all.

(I only have pictures of 2 out the 5!)


Almost 5 Months Old!


Classic Styles are Always in Fashion

Abbey was complaining that she couldn't see the chalkboard well so I offered to go in the attic and get her my old glasses from 5th grade. This is what happened as a result:

I think everyone can just go straight to their rooms without dinner tonight.

Cover of "Martha Stewart Living"

Andrew put the food coloring in the frosting...a slight "accidental" slip of the hand with the red dye.



Poor Matt. He's had more stitches than anyone here...all on his face. Tonight he was laughing at Isaac and fell backwards and smacked his head on the TV armoire.
At first we thought it was just a bump but blood gushed everywhere and Jeff decided he would take him to the ER...a job I opt out of every chance I get.
Matt was pretty upset but could still laugh when Andrew yelled out, "You look like a blood monster!" (And he really did!)
Two hours and two giant staples later, they were home.

The Old Stand-by: Johnny Jump-up


Matthew's First Communion-(sigh of relief)

At the church.

Party Afterwards.

We had beautiful weather and everything went well.
Thanks for the pictures Aunt Katie!


Rules to Live By

Today Andrew told me he has some rules for me.

1. No laughing at him even if he says something funny.
2. No saying he's cute or handsome.
3. He gets to pour the cheese powder in his mac and cheese.


Another Perfect Spring Day!


Our yard looks so pretty right now...everything is just about to burst. The rain yesterday really helped. I'm sure it will look even better in a couple of days.