How I Organize Warranties, Manuals, and Receipts

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I had a jumble of warranties and manuals crowding my file folders and creating a traffic jam in my file drawer.  I took them all out and sorted them into different categories.  I threw away all the ones that weren't applicable anymore, or I knew I would never use.  (Many manuals are now online and can easily be found-I'm more likely to check out that avenue first anyways.)

I bought the strong plastic folders in different colors that my children use in elementary school-virtually indestructible.  Folders are much easier for me to use then files or binders.  I found cute labels at Hobby Lobby I've been using for everything lately.  (These are similar.

I keep these folders rubber banded together and up in a kitchen cabinet where they are easily accessible.


  1. So cute and such a good idea to organize all these things and put in one place!! :)

  2. I needed this! I just finished a little office renovation, and have been struggling with filing everything. Thanks for the reminder that not everything belongs in a file. I'm off to buy folders!