The Week In Review

Easter egg coloring.  Anyone want some hard-boiled eggs?  We can't possibly eat them all!

A snow day. BLAH!

I just finished Me Before You and really liked it.  I am going to start The Last Letter next.  

A little spring cleaning-my spice/baking cabinet.  I love spring cleaning but I've only been able to accomplish little bits in fits and starts this year.  It's funny (crazy?) how happy this clean uncluttered cabinet makes me. 

A cold weather desperation get-out-of-the-house walk.  We made it once around the block and it took me hours to warm my old bones up.  But Janey didn't mind it at all and Patrick rode his bike, crazy kid.


Roly Poly

Janey starts in one place and as soon as I leave the room, I come back minutes later to find her magically transported to another place-as far as she can manage away from the place where I set her.  She gets herself into some little jams once in awhile and it's quite comical to see.  Babies are so fun and I can't imagine my life without one in my home.



Patrick and I chose our winner. 

We used a really scientific method when deciding all the other games.  Basically, it was about the weather in the particular region of the school, or whatever name I said last when asking Patrick.  Belmont is the name of a pool we go to so that weighed heavily on the decision in the Western conference.   Florida made it far in the Southern and Eastern conferences.  I think Michigan State made it in the Midwest, only because Patrick is quite sure that he will be celebrating wildly when they go head to head with their rival and all his favorite MI players (Trey Burke, Nik Stauskas, Mitch McGary) dunk like crazy.  I asked him, "Why are you sure Michigan can beat Michigan State?"  He said, "Just because I like Michigan and they are the best team ever.  And Uncle John is our cousin (?) and he's the best coach ever."  I'll second that.
Go Michigan!


A Little Help From A Friend

Janey is almost sitting up-just needs a little hand.  She is so much fun...and almost seven month already.  


Ordinary Days

My living room March madness style.

Two teeth, lots of drool.

The sun in my kitchen window.

Skateboard skills.

I love packing Abbey's lunch for her.  She is not a sandwich sort of gal and healthfully picky so I embrace it as a challenge and find the fun in it.  

I 'spring-cleaned' Sammy.   Boy did he need it.


A Quiet Day

A rainy day, feeling a little under the weather...

...equals a perfect day to skip school, play Candy Land and make cookies.

I love this kid.


The Week In Review

This week I really felt like finding a good, happy easy read.  I knew I needed to find the latest Maeve Binchy.  There is something about her sweet story-telling that picks up my spirits.  She just had the art for weaving together all these characters, didn't she?   I always think of that saying "everybody has a story to tell".  Each of her characters has had their own struggles and triumphs and the underling theme in each of her books is kindness and compassion.  I'm so sad she is gone-I was looking forward to many more books.  I will have to go back and re-read some when I need my "it all works out in the end" fix.

We have two new additions.  Jack and Jay.  Jay has been replaced by a new Jay, but the difference is only slight and quite unnoticeable.


Janey's BFF came over for a play date.  Her name is Ruby.  Which is just about the cutest name ever isn't it?   She was born a week before Janey.  She is #8 so Janey and Ruby can relate to being smothered with kisses and living in crazy houses that are never quiet.  They're having a little conversation about it all in this photo-the perils of dodging balls, listening to teenage drama, and adapting to flexible sleep schedules.

Patrick gives himself homework to do every day. 

Life is busy and full and sometimes I feel completely overwhelmed by it all and can feel weighed down with the responsibility of all these marvelous lives in my home-I have to be careful not to let worry get a hold of me and just enjoy it all as the days fly by.



Janey is 6 months old now and starting to get all "flappy".  Meaning she wants to move, but can't get her arms and legs to do what she wants them to-she just flaps her arms and legs back and forth like a turtle on it's back-and doesn't go anywhere.  Soon it will all come together for her and she'll be off and scooting/crawling/running all over town.

. :)