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I am reading this to Patrick again.  We both love this book.  
Set in the 1700's a little boy (13), is left to guard the family cabin, while his father ventures back to their hometown and brings back his mother.  THIRTEEN!  He befriends a Native American boy and his tribe, but counts the days until his family returns.  Imagine that?  That is exactly what I want Patrick to do-to imagine that!


Encouragement For The Week

Children are not a distraction from the more important work.
They are the most important work.
C.S. Lewis


Catch Up

This is Janey helping my wrist feel better.  And it HAS thankfully greatly improved.  I went and had it checked and the doctor said I was doing great but needed to be patient.  I was thinking a week or two and it is really 4 or 5 months, but he promised me I could type without pain and do everything I want soon.  He PROMISED.  :)

This piece just went to Texas in a snowstorm.  I think it's my favorite so far, but I might say that every time, so don't pay to close attention.  It's this beautiful silky smooth greenish-bluish color with light aging.  

My oldest Isaac started his own Kendama company and I seem to have a collection of these things used as a centerpiece on the coffee table.  I find them everywhere.  I'm so proud of him.  I helped him ship a bunch when I visited and it was exciting-he is selling out left and right and having fun doing it all.  What a hard worker and enterprising guy.  

Best buds or not...depends on the time of day.

Christmas show.  Thanks Aunt Karen for the necklace.

After work dinner.  (Thank you Aunt Julie.)

I asked him to blow up a few balloons for Patricks birthday.  Funny guy.

12!!!  I started blogging when he was ONE!

First blog post.

This guy is one special son and has the tenderest heart and works so hard and I just adore him.  He takes care of Janey always and worries a little too much about everything.  He loves the outdoors and fishing and hunting and trapping and his best friend, and all sports.

Class party.

Birthday guy.

Love these two-Isaac and his girlfriend who we all adore.  We were able to get away for a quick weekend trip to Chicago right before Christmas thanks to a very generous niece and her husband who have an apartment downtown.  We ate deep dish pizza twice.  And shopped and sometimes just hung out and had really good conversations about anything and everything.

Christmas prep.

Sibling gift exchange.  SO cute.  No one ever keeps it a secret even though they say they will.   They all try so hard to get the right gift and it is so awesome to see.

So nice having Matt home from college.  We were all excited for him to walk in that door and we all miss him when he's gone.  He's one funny and very very smart guy and I always love good conversations with him.  I'm so proud of who he is and what nice friends he has and what a great brother he is to his little siblings.     

Doesn't this pic scream "Christmas Eve"?

Andrew's driving everywhere and such a help to me as long as I buy him or make him food. (That's a 16 year old right?)
He's pretty much given up on taming his wild hair and has just embraced the awesomeness of it.  After all...what did we expect?  He was born with just about the same amount.

Isaac was visiting and we ran down together to see the sun set on the river.

Isn't it gorgeous?  Calms the soul.

Stopped into church alone one day and just had to take a pic of it's beauty.

Cookies.  Janey is always up for making cookies and everyone else is up to eating them.

A friend sent me this pic of her high schooler and my high schooler one night.  They still play with toys!  If you make them.  

Another project.  Still for sale if anyone is interested.  I don't have it up on Etsy-just didn't have the time.

Working on this one.

Love notes I adore.

One of her favorite gifts that I bought new at a second hand shop-a coloring book with pencils included.  She loves it.

My booth for the winter months.

I brought some porch furniture down to Isaac and Cecilia in DC.  Drove 7 hours by myself and I was proud!  They have the sweetest apartment in Adams Morgan district and we had so much fun riding bikes around to see the lovely homes and embassies and walking around and eating and hanging out and setting up this great porch they have.  They have made their apartment so lovely.

Ending on:
More cookies.

That's all my wrist with allow.  Don't give up on me, I'll be back.


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