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About how much TIME solves any concerns we have with our children.  Spending time one-on-one and talking, whether they are old enough to have an adult conversation, or young enough for us to just listen to, whether at home, or on a special date, or at bedtime, helps me as much as it helps them connect, and communicate and puts worries at ease.  It's all kids really want.


We've had so much fun playing this cheap little game, the 5 Second Rule.  I hunted down a game every age could play on Christmas Eve, and this what the one I chose and it was a blast.  It's so much more difficult than you'd think it would be.  There are some "skip passes" we awarded to the younger two, but they did great.  Janey was on my team and did better than I did!  There is a little time and a deck of cards and that's ALL the parts and pieces.  The goal is to guess 3 things from the subject listed on the card.  (There is also a junior edition!)


Patrick (6th grade) LOVES this book!  I asked him if he wants the rest of the series (anything to keep him reading!) and he said no, he wants to wait to finish this so that he doesn't feel like he has to rush through on to the next one, but when he is finished with it, he can't wait to start a new one in the series.  I'm so glad I bought it for him.  And I can't believe how much history he has learned from it.  Yay!

I am loving this book.  Historical fiction at it's best-it's about Margaret Beaufort in the late 15th century, and it captivated me right away.  Philippa Gregory always brings history to life!  I guess there is also a miniseries that was inspired by this book called The White Queen, but I'm reading, not watching right now.
(Don't look at my worn out quilt that I bleached too heavy in the background.  It's so so soft, I can't give it up. )

And this is what we are reading for book club this month!  I know it's been popular, and I can't wait to start it.


  1. After seeing it on your blog I got my granddaughter Zingo for her October birthday. Our whole family played it at Christmas and had so much fun. Thanks for recommending it. I also love to see what you are reading!

    1. I'm so glad Suzanne! It will always be a favorite!

  2. I just finished The Great Alone & it is amazing! Wonderful story, beautiful setting, sad when it ended.

  3. Here’s another game recommendation for all ages (I forget how old Janey is, but my youngest is 8 and loves it as much as any adult!) - it’s called Chameleon. It’s a fast, easy, fun game that we’ve played with a bunch of different crowds and everyone loves it.

  4. We love playing Telestrations - it's like telephone but all drawings. We don't score or have a winner, it's just a blast to see all the silly pictures! Dixit is another one that seems to be a hit with all ages but you need at least one expansion to have enough cards to play without repeats.

  5. I loved "The Great Alone" and I know you will too! I hope you're feeling better and 2021 is filled with happiness you.

  6. Kristin Hannah is my favorite. The nightingale is just as good, if not better, than the great alone.