Catching Up

1. Finish up the laundry.
2. Pack for a family vacation...5 days x 7 people=42 outfits. Because Patrick goes through three outfits a day. (No, the math still isn't right, I KNOW.)
3. Clean the house. Because who likes to come home from a vacation to a dirty house.
On another note:
Abbey is starting sewing lessons today! I wanted to take them with her, but the very strict lady wouldn't let me. Children only. They progress from very beginner to designing and making clothes. Abbey's nervous about sewing her fingers to the machine. I am nervous for her.


Beauty Mask

This yogurt is so perfectly applied to his face I'm beginning to wonder if he does it on purpose.


June Reading List

My June (I better get going) reading list:
Iris Krasnow (she has 3 books).
Sue Bender, Plain and Simple...the author experienced my dream of living with the Amish for awhile.
Mary Pat Kelly...Galway Bay, a gift from my mom. I love historical fiction.


Big Fat Faker

Patrick has really been tough the past week. Whether it's molars, transitioning from 2 naps to 1 (1 is not enough and 2 is too many), the busyness of the household with the kids all home, WHATEVER...he's been really wearing me out. ANYWAYS, my mom came up for a day. She scooped him up and held him like a baby, (trust me, if I would have done that he would have squirmed out of my arms in a second), and just lay there, like the little 30 pound angel he is, gazing lovingly into her face, completely relaxed for a long time. I couldn't believe my eyes


Summer Days


An Ounce of Guilt + A Tad of Procrastination= A Spoonful of Sugar

Abbey's First Communion present was a trip with me to the American Girl store in Chicago. I finally took her, poor thing...5 years later. I made a last minute decision that THIS was the weekend, and no excuses. Patrick would be fine...I haven't left him yet for more than a couple hours and certainly not at night...sad, but true. Life had got in the way the last years, and Abbey deserved this special trip. We ordered up tickets to Mary Poppins...worth every pretty penny. It was incredible. We took the subway all over the city, walked miles and miles, and got lost quite a few times. I kept saying, "How did WE mess up?" And Abbey didn't even correct me...because of course, I had the map. Thanks for the great girl's weekend Abbey...there is no other girl I'd rather be with than you!

(I just have to say...that's NOT what she wore to the actual performance...we had to go back and take pictures in front of the theatre because we forgot our camera the evening before.)


A Treasure Chest

Spring cleaning the other day. Took the cushions off. Stuck that vacuum attachment in there. Pulled out everything you see above. No, not Sammy. Everything else!

Belly Itcher

Isaac had a great game the other night. Well...as far as winning goes, not so great. But as far as HIS pitching goes, fantastic.
Of all the sports my kids have played, I can watch baseball endlessly. I love it. I love being outside, summer evenings, the little kids playing in the dirt and begging for money from the snack bar. Most of the time I can't watch the entire game...Jeff and I take turns chasing Patrick, but just being there is enough for me.
I am so proud of this kid. He's half the size of his peer group, and if you don't think that's a big deal, you don't know sports. Last year, a kid who weighed 3 times his amount collided with him while he was at 2nd base, and I swear it looked like a cartoon. Isaac flew up in the air, touched the moon, and landed flat black down in the dust. The entire baseball park gasped and I seriously thought we'd need an ambulance. He shook it off, and stood back up and kept playing...with a smile on his face. These other kids are men, really. He never shows that it bothers him in the least, and doesn't use it as an excuse. And he's just as good.
We are proud of you, buddy.


Looking Up


In The Swing