Dear Mothers, Love Sarah

Dear Mothers of Newborns, and Babies and Maybe Even Toddlers-

When I look back at my 26 years of parenting I have a few regrets.  Not regrets that keep me up at night, but things I would do differently if I could do it all over again.  I wrote a post about it here and I have more to say so here we go.


Blueberry or Raspberry Lemon Muffins

These muffins are easy and delicious.  If you don't have lemon extract, use vanilla, and if you don't have half-and-half cream use milk.  I almost always put all the dry ingredients and wet ingredients into my mixer at once to make it easier, but add fruit last and just mix gently. They will still be delicious!



Have you ever made a list of the things that bring you joy?  That make you feel good?  Or the things you want right now to happen in your life?

I recently did this and came up with a list of about twelve things, everything from very difficult things that will take time and help from others to work through, and little things that will take discipline, and other things that just take me carving out time.  


Empathy And Motherhood

I am guilty. I am guilty of never imagining what it would be like to send my sons on an errand, and to be nervous about the hate they could encounter walking out the door, down a street and into a store. I’m guilty of never thinking what it would be like to constantly remind my teenage sons what to do if they get pulled over when driving-I expect fairness and safe encounters with those in power. I am guilty of never imagining what it feels like to be a mother whose child comes home crying because of cruel comments made about the color of their skin, or being treated differently in a classroom because of something as trivial as that.