Which One of You, ANDREW, Put the Produce Sticker on Patrick's Leg?


Back To School

The first day of school!
It's so quiet!


Thanks, Abbey!

Abbey is awesome at organizing and "presentation"! Thanks for helping me clean the kitchen!


Abbey and I went to buy her toe shoes this last weekend. She has loved ballet the past year and is taking Beginner's Point this fall!


Happy 5th Birthday Andrew!

10 things we love about Andrew:

1. You say the funniest things.
2. Your invented vocabulary keeps us guessing (and laughing).
3. You have great manners.
4. Your kisses and hugs.
5. The way you are always up for any dangerous games.
6. You are concerned about every body's injuries just as much as your own.
7. You have the longest eyelashes of any human being.
8. You can hang with 14-year olds just as easily as kids your own age.
9. You are very smart.
10.You are a great dresser and like to look nice.


On the Fast Track

Patrick went to scooting to crawling fast, to standing up, and climbing up stairs in a matter of days.
I think I need to go out and purchase a couple of baby gates.


Another Elaborate Fort


You would be smart to heed the warning...there is a live bee inside!



I ordered breakfast from Room Service at our hoity-toity Newport Beach hotel because I was TOLD by my husband that we had a voucher from the company that sent us on this trip. The voucher was actually for the next day and we ended up paying $50 for some eggs and fruit.

It was the best breakfast I ever had. (I'm just saying that to make Jeff feel better.)

IQ Test

Matt keeps asking me who is smarter: Sammy the dog, or Patrick the baby. Of course I say Patrick, but then he says things like, "Sammy knows how to sit and shake when we tell him to, but Patrick doesn't. Or, Sammy knows how to run out the front door before it closes on him, and Patrick can't do that."
I know deep in my brain is a good explanation of animal v. human brain, but at the present time I just can't process it.
I could say that Patrick knows how to use super scanner radar to find the most dangerous object in the room to put in his mouth, or has an inner time ticker that know that exact moment the baby wipes in the diaper bag run out.
That'll prove it!


Already Squirming Away..."Mommmmm, STOP!!!"


The first day of high school...with crutches. Could he make it any harder on himself (or me)?

Isaac fell down the stairs yesterday and sprained his foot. Our 3rd ER visit of the year and I thought for sure it was broken but thank God, just a bad sprain with really bad timing. He will have to go up and down stairs today...crowded stairs with lots of rushing, nervous kids. And there is nothing I can do to help. He'll just have to figure it out by himself. What a way to start school.


I Think He's Been Eyeing This Basket for a Couple Months!


High school starts today! Just orientation, but still, it counts. 
Good luck Isaac!


Toad Homes

Abbey and Matt made these in pottery camp. Aren't they so cute?


Soccer Season Begins


At Dad's Office

On the Starting Block for the 100-Meter-Dash


Helping with the Happy Birthday Banner for Dad


The Bus Stop

Andrew, Patrick and I spent the weekend at my parents. I took a walk with Andrew to show him I wasn't really exaggerating my long daily trip to the bus stop. Unfortunately, he thought it was so fun and wished he could do it everyday. There goes one of my best "if you only knew" threats wasted on the one who needs it the most. Darn! I'll have to come up with another one.