I had a procedure in Miami FL area and was taken care of by these two-the night before we celebrated their engagement with a great dinner.

Making place cards for Thanksgiving.

She lasted through the first wedding gown shop, the second one was just mom and Abbey.

First dressed tried on, the one that caught my eye walking in, so excited to check this off because I honestly never thought it would be this easy. (And either did she.)

Loving my little tree, still no ornaments yet, but maybe this weekend.

My Christmas Wish: A new torso, throw in a new arm, and some hair (eyelashes too?) ship me off to American Girl Hospital, and for the low price of $88 I'm a new girl.  Instead of drugs, and doctors, and tests and procedures, and aches and pains and tumors, and low energy, and blah blah blah (I really hate talking about my health) I can have a magical brand new cancer-free me.  

My Other Christmas Wishes:  I am getting them all!  Everyone home for Christmas. A very full house of healthy thriving children.  A new, my first, grandbaby (Isaac and Cecilia are expecting) coming in early April!  A wedding (Abbey and Kyle) in August!  

Have a very merry peaceful light-filled Christmas.  There IS light always, some days, weeks or years we just have to look harder.  Light always wins.