Build Her A Cake Or Something

A cute nice boy rang our doorbell the other day and dropped off this for Abbey:

Isn't that sweet? She said yes of course. 
Jeff came home from work a few hours later and I showed him the goods and he rolled his eyes and did this:


Ordinary Days

First day of school.

No tears this year when his playmates get on the bus!  Last year and the year before he was so sad.

Patrick's first day...well really it was about his fifth day before I had a chance to take a picture, but it still counts just fine.

Abbey's 16th birthday cake.  A different twist from last  year:

Matt washing the smelly dumb dog.

Two of Janey's favorite fussy songs.  I crank them up when she is in the sling and she calms down quickly.

I love this sling.  I have owned three my whole life...this is my favorite.  The last one wasn't adjustable and that was a big mistake because I could just never get comfortable.  This one is called the Peanut Shell...wish I would have discovered it long ago.

My new favorite candle.  I bought enough of these to last me through the winter.  (On clearance at Bath and Body Works.) They smell just like the Coppertone we all used as teenagers...the kind with no SPF...just pure tanning potential in a bottle.  


Blurry Days

I am so grateful for my mom, who offered to come again last Thursday and help out because honestly I really was nursing 12 out of every 24 hours and things really would have gone to pot over here without her.  I even got out for a whole two hours by myself!

I told Jeff yesterday that I never thought I had any more baby lessons to learn now that I've had six.  I really pictured these first weeks being perfectly enjoyable and easy with no learning curve, and once again, I am reminded that each baby is so different and there is always something to throw a loop into things.  I am also reminded that there will be good days and bad days with new babies, and that unpredictability is the hardest part for me.  Will I have a chance to shower today, or eat lunch, or get to the laundry or prepare a dinner?  On those hard days I forget there will be easy days and on the easy days I forget that tomorrow might be different.

The most important thing to remember is that all too soon, when Janey is toddling around, starting preschool, getting her driver's license, leaving for college, I'll wish for these days, whatever kind of days they happen to be-back again, even just for a moment.


Feeding Woes

(Her serious look.)

I had to make an appointment with a lactation consultant today.  I have postponed doing this for 2 1/2 painful weeks and last night I decided I was being ridiculously stupid and stubborn thinking I could solve this problem I'm having on my own.

I have breastfed each of my babies for about 15 months...that's 6 years of my life..I really thought I had all the answers for every nursing problem that could surface.  I left the hospital over confident this time I think.  Not paying attention at all to how Janey is latching on...if that is indeed the issue.  I know in the beginning nursing can be painful...it was with each of my other babies.  But this time, the pain is at a whole new level and not easing up at all...like a level that makes me feel like my eyes are going to roll back in my head.  I have to bite down on something every time I nurse her...I feel like a Civil War dude without anesthesia about to get his leg chopped off.  I have bled and cracked and healed and then bled and cracked and healed.   I am at the point where I am mad that I feel like I can't even enjoy these precious newborn weeks because I'm worn out anticipating the pain.

Hopefully I will find some answers today and things will get better.  Meanwhile Janey is sweeter than ever...burping and sleeping and growing and making funny funny faces.  I adore her.


A New Driver

Abbey passed her driver's test! 


Week Three


Big Brother

Patrick is doing great relinquishing his "youngest" position over to Janey.  
He really does love her and "helps" me with her all the time.
He is always gentle and not always quiet.  She doesn't seem to mind all the noise in our household though.
Patrick has been a little clingy to me-if I am upstairs, he is upstairs, if I leave a room I will hear "Mommmm, where are you?" soon after-that gets a little old after awhile but I am sure he will outgrow it. (Soon?)
He moved up to the big boy's room and a little reward chart helped with that milestone.

I am excited for him to start preschool.
And to get a good routine going in the household.  I had four different school starts spread over 4 weeks and that wasn't easy.  I just want our"new normal" to begin and STAY for awhile. 


Helping Hands

Grammy is coming today, yippee!

I have officially hit the postpartum wall of sleep deprivation.
Grammy can't really do anything about that, but when she is here she gets lots done and keeps Patrick busy and makes dinner and runs some errands and that is a huge help.

I love how Janey is praying in this picture.  

She is such a delicate sweet baby.  She has some trouble with getting her burps up-I found her favorite place though-underneath the noisy bathroom heater ceiling fan, in my arms while I sit on a big exercise ball and bounce gently.  You can find me there at 3 a.m. most nights.


Lil Sis

Isaac came home last weekend to meet his new little sister. 

He loves college and I'm so happy for him.
It makes saying goodbye much easier.
It helps that I am so busy with everyone here and especially little Janey that I don't have time to dwell on the empty chair at the dinner table and the empty room, etc.
One thing I have to get used to it cooking about 1/2 the dinner I usually make, which is funny to me.
We miss you Isaac!


Happy 16th Abbey!

Happy Sixteenth Abbey!

(my favorite picture of you ever-sweet little Abbey in a dress with a bow in her hair, a smile on her face, and a toy gun in her hand in charge of the boys)

You know we all love you!
Happy Birthday!