A New Routine

The kids first day of school was yesterday.  Isaac started last week since he's in high school...I forgot to take his 'First Day' picture.  (I'm sure he's devastated by my forgetfulness. :)
Look at all the cute kids peering out the windows.  (Abbey is saying..."mom, please, c'mon!" while she's walking away.)

And just like last year, Patrick was devastated.  This year, though, it has less to do with missing everyone, I think, than it has to do with getting to RIDE on that big bus.
I'm sure he imagines them going to some huge water park where free candy and tons of gum is given out.  Also all you can eat french fries with loads of ketchup for dipping.

Heart breaking.


Happy Birthday My Sweet Little Boy

Andrew is seven today.
Yesterday he was only six.
Then he went to bed, (so excited) and woke up a whole year older.
Why does it seem so easy, but hurts my heart and racks my brain?
How do the years go so fast?

Just yesterday he was my sweet little baby, born with a full head of hair and dark sparkly eyes and a chronic case of colic that I can honestly look back fondly on.  It was us against his stomach and we came out champions.

A new bike. 
And a few other things...most especially a Lock Box to keep all his hard earned money safe...something he's been reminding me he wanted all year long.  (And boy, is that kid good at savings.  He almost always decides to save instead of spend.)
He wanted chocolate cake with chocolate frosting with blue "trim" he called it.  I get pretty nervous with cake requests...I am NOT a good cake frosting-er.  As you can see.

Hope you had a great day Andrew.
We love you.


Summer Reading

I've been reading so much this summer but these two so far are my favorites.  I LOVE historical fiction.  It's my favorite.   Dates and politics and all that jazz don't mean anything unless you make history personal....and when it's all put into a good book...I can't get enough.