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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just Like Her

Sometimes people are meant to come into your life and change it for the better.

When I was in sixth grade, I was assigned a "big sis" to write to from the all-girl's academy down the street.  I wrote a letter, and then Jane, who I chose from the list because Jane was (is!) one of my favorite names ever, surprisingly, wrote back.  We kept this up...she sent a picture once and I, little mousy shy 6th grader, was in awe at this incredibly beautiful older girl who actually cared enough to correspond with me.

I once, in pure desperation to be "just like her", bought a bottle of magic potion to grow really really long hair from the back of a teen magazine.  In months my scraggly dirty dishwasher hair turned into thick, shiny, long, dark brunette locks.  Oh, no it didn't.  All my hard earned money wasted, and a lesson learned.  But Jane taught me many other much more important lessons from our friendships...lessons I learned by the example of the way she conducted herself in life.  Here was the gorgeous, incredibly smart, and confident girl, but more important GOOD...good to the core, respectful to her parents, respectful of herself, kind to her friends...just really really GOOD.

We corresponded for years, then lost touch for awhile...and found each other again, thank goodness.

Jane tells the story better (and includes some funny pictures of me in grade school)...except the part where she says I was a good friend to her.  I worshiped her, of the long shiny hair, jetting off to college at one of the top universities in the nation.  She was not only a great friend but one of the best role models ever to walk across my path.  And still continues to be.  A girl couldn't ask for anyone better.

Jane sent me all those letters I wrote to her over my late grade school, junior high, and early high school years, and I have so much to say about how different things are now.   It made me sad.  I seem so innocent and young compared to so many of the girls the same age today.  Of course everyone says how fast our kids  are growing up now, but really there is huge difference.  That's another post for another time.  OH, to be young again.  We aren't giving our children, I'm afraid, the same chance at a long lovely childhood.