Favorite Kitchen Items

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 As I was going through my kitchen organization-40 Bags in 40 Days-I thought it would be useful to do a post on the things I have loved and were the most useful to me in my much used kitchen.  I've been a mom for 26 years and regularly feed many hungry mouths from sunup to sundown.  My kitchen works hard.  I've had some things forever, and other things it took me awhile to find what really worked and lasted.

Favorite Smoothie Recipe

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Bathroom Organization-Five Tips For Purging and Organization

Hi Everyone!

Today is Day One of 40 Bags in 40 Days (all the old posts HERE) and I've made my list and I'm checking it twice!  I started in the farthest corner of my first floor which happens to be the old Master Bathroom.  The kids and I use this space mostly for morning duties, like tooth brushing and hair-do's, and my teen uses it for "his" bathroom.  It's a nice overflow bathroom (my other two full baths are upstairs and I have a TINY 1/2 bath in the older section of the first floor.


The 'Sell This House" Method Of Spring Cleaning

Thought I'd repost this since I started my spring cleaning method this week!

Here's how I spring clean:
1. I buy a notebook.
I make a heading for each room. Even closets.
I imagine that I'm a potential buyer of this house. You know...PRETEND!...and see the room through someone else's eyes.
I stand in each room and look around and see all the imperfections.


Little Gifts

When I hear Janey wake up after a long nap, I "spy" on her.  I can peek through the door and see her sitting in her crib looking around.  Sometimes she will play with one of the three little bunnies she has in her crib, but mostly she just wakes up slowly, and looks at things around the room.
It is just about the cutest thing ever.

And then I crack the door a little more, and she sees me spying and her whole face lights up into a huge grin.

My heart just fills with love and happiness.
I am grateful for every single day I spend with her.
I am grateful that I get to love her everyday, and be the first thing she sees when she wakes up.
I don't think there is anything in the world that can bring more joy than our own children, do you?

I made the mistake the other day of cruising the internet a little...you know, going to this link or that link and wound up off my strict course of my few favorite uplifting blogs.  I always regret it, darn it, I guess I just have to remind myself of that every once in awhile. When I stray I usually find something that just makes me feel so sad or like the whole darn society is going to pot. 

I hope I'm so wrong but it seems like it has become too common for parents to complain about their kids, or what a pain babies are, or think it's funny to have a misbehaving toddler or child. 

We parents reap what we sow, and much more often than naught, our children's behavior is the reflection of the time and love we put into our parental vocation.  

Babies are precious sweet little perfect creatures that need us, their moms and dads, to love them all day and night long.  So it's sometimes requires us to give a lot.  I just want to say to these parents-get over it!  Grow up!  


A Quick Beginner Furniture Painting Tutorial

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Cinnamon Sugar Muffins-An Easy and Delicious Recipe

This is our second favorite muffin, first being the lemon blueberry muffin.  Easy and quick, no tricky ingredients.  I bought new muffin "tins" and I LOVE them.  Why did it take me so long to switch over?  I hated cleaning the stainless ones, and I also always ran out of muffin liners.  All my problems solved!  These are so easy to use and to clean.  I'm adding these to my list of favorite kitchen supply purchases ever.


Daily Duties

The best things in life are nearest:
Breath in your nostrils,
light in your eyes,
flowers at your feet,
duties at your hand,
the path of right just before you.
Then do not grasp at the stars,
but do life's plain, common work
as it comes,
certain that daily duties and daily bread are the sweetest things in life.
~Robert Louis Stevenson

Isn't it so difficult to remember this these days?  I think it is.  I love that we women all have so many choices in our life's path, but have you ever either questioned yourself, or been questioned by others for choosing the ordinary?