First Snow!

It snows before Thanksgiving and on Easter, but can't remember when we had a white Christmas last!


The Crawl Perfected

Why this is just the cutest picture ever to me...
Look how worn out his little slippers are already...like he's been walking miles.
And his big old blue bottom...love it!
And mostly because his head is down.
This is the serious, tuck in the chin, look at the floor, concentrate on the arms, and get there fast crawl.
Cracks me up.
Sometimes it backfires and he goes head over heels. Or heels over head I should say. But he's mastered it pretty well.
He usually only uses it to get to something really good, meaning -dangerous-...stairs, Lego pieces, fallen food scraps, doors open to outside...you get the picture.


Cooking School

Andrew has an August birthday and goes to Pre-K 1/2 day. He would love to go all day if he could...next year! We need to fill our afternoons with SOMETHING. And SOMETHING can be hard to think of. Our fall-back plan is baking...mostly cookies.



Raking Leaves


Nothing Like Setting Goals

Patrick has been eyeing Sammy's food and water dishes forever.
Finally go to them!


Opposites Attract

The boy who calls his Dad his TWIN.
He is so sweet.


The Cutest Ankle Weight


Come Follow Me...

Darn...all that work and the lid is on!


A Favorite Book

I love this book. It's not a best seller or an Oprah pick. Far from it. It's just this little book I came upon in the library one day. It's a perfect read for this political month of November, which also should invoke a feeling of gratitude and appreciation for all we have.


Mom Prom 2008

Thanks for taking me buddy!

Bad Boy Juice

Pop (or 'soda' depending on what part of the country you live in), has always been evil to me.

Everybody has their ONE thing, and this is mine. If anything is wrong with the world, I blame it all on pop. Overweight kids, acne, hair loss, wrinkles, plummeting stock market...it's because of this chemical, sugar-laden disaster. Really, I do think it has to be just about the WORST thing for you. Anyways....

Obviously I don't have it in my house. Occasionally, I will buy it as a special treat on pizza night. Sprite or root beer ONLY. No caffeine. We don't need extra energy here.

When my brother Andy was state-side recently he introduced us to a new term we LOVE.

Bad boy juice.

That's what he has called pop when, as a teenager, he overheard a mother saying to her child in the supermarket, "No, honey, we don't drink THAT! That's BAD BOY JUICE!"

Finally, someone who thinks like I do!
Disclaimer: I realize that quite a large portion of mothers across the country are addicted to Diet Bad Boy Juice. I will not judge and/or criticize your addiction....sometimes I think, in your cases, it might be called "Good Mommy Juice"? Sort of like my chocolate addiction, but in a drinkable format.