I love sunflowers in my kitchen...it must be something with the black and white fabric on the chairs.  Sunflowers are so cheap and sold not only at our weekly farmer's market, but also, at the grocery store I've been to it seems at least twice a week this summer.

Although I promised myself I wouldn't stress about my house really getting out of shape this summer, this past week, with the extremely high temperatures and humidity, we've had a few inside days where I've really tackled the floors (steam cleaning) and the walls (Magic Eraser).  I couldn't stand it anymore.


One Year, New Shoes

Last year, I posted these photos of Patrick's new shoes:

This year I'll post these photos of Patrick's new shoes:

Darn him.  I love this age so much.  He is so sweet.  He is still such a baby.  But he is getting slimmer and stretching out to the sky.  His arms are losing their rubberband fatness and his cheeks are slimming down.  (Both sets.)  What will change next year?  I don't even want to imagine.


Summer Baseball

(Yes, he has quite an arm...I know because I've been hit in the face enough times to tell.)

Here's some photos from the boiling hot All Star game we attended, that Matthew was chosen to play in.  It was quite a game, and the score was close...but a huge thunderstorm came through and they called the game.  Matt had 3 terrific hits.

 Helping Dad coach:

The End.
We have about a month long, much needed, break from all sports.



It's been very hot here lately...I know, I know, it's been hot everywhere.  We've also been running around like crazy...having lots of fun here, there, and everywhere.  Somedays I call a day of doing NOTHING.  Staying inside, no errands, no friends, no pool.
This girl's nose has been in a book all summer long.
Here's the best breakfast for a growing boy.  One English Muffin toasted, with a little butter, a litte mayo too.
Scramble an egg, add a slice of cheese till it melts and put it inbetween the English Muffin.
Easy as pie.
(He'd also like me to add bacon but I've banned pig from our house since my Lenten vegetarian resolution back in Spring.  Pigs are too nice and smart to eat.) 
Catching up on summer reading for school.
Patrick playing with his best playmate, poor Matthew who entertains him for hours.


A Very Useful Garbage Pick

My boys found this little trampoline in our neighbor's garbage and you would have thought they hit the jackpot.

In reality, it was really ME who hit the jackpot, because it has been the popular "send them outside" summer activity.

Who would have thought...