Thinking, Playing, Reading

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I know I will never regret not watching the news, reading Facebook posts about current events or political opinions, or listening to talking, talking, talking, about nothing.  It has brought such peace and quiet to my life for years and the world keeps turning.  It's called cultivating a life where neighbors help neighbors, and communities come together and everyone stops wasting time on scrolling and getting angry and upset about things, but most then do nothing.  Talk is cheap.  Love thy neighbor.


First up, these affordable coats ($35!) I bought the kids for Christmas are a huge hit.  They are light, but warm (I'd say perfect for above 30°) and great for going to school, recess, and bus or car ride home.  They squish down to nothing (they come with a little bag that fits the coat) and are NOT bulky which was a big request from both my kids.  And they come in the cutest prints.  I bought ONE size up.  (Janey is wearing a Large (usually a size 8) and Patrick is wearing an XXL (usually a size 12). 

Patrick received this cool robot building kit from Santa :) and he loved putting it together.  I helped him a tiny bit - sometimes he gets intimidated by all the instructions, but I was basically there for moral support.  It is so cool, and has great reviews on Amazon.  Right now it's on sale $14 less than it was at Christmas so if you have any birthdays coming up I recommend this for the over 12 crowd. 


Still two of my favorites when I had little ones.  Always calmed me and motivated me to slow down to their pace and parent intentionally.  I highly recommend them both.


  1. I think you’ve mentioned it before, but tell me again how you fit in so much time for reading? Do you have dedicated reading time for yourself? Or is it just here and there? I want to be better, but I only try at night and always fall asleep in five minutes! Ha!

    1. I read at night also-and then if I wake up in the wee hours of the morning I read. When kids were little I would read during their nap times or weekends, or whenever I'd get a chance.

  2. Mitten Strings for God!! Yes!! One of the best books for mothers to read. So glad you’re posting more often and I couldn’t agree with you more about keeping your life free from the news and social media. I just tell my husband to inform me of “ big news” events and then I just go about my life.. happy!

  3. I screenshotted your “thinking” section on this post to share with my neighbors- we’ve been saying the SAME THING. We’ve unplugged from social media and news outlets to just LIVE OUR LIVES AGAIN. It’s been weird at times but mostly just quiet and wonderful. Thankful for your blog when I do feel like seeing what others are up to. It’s so encouraging:):)