A Summer Night

Look at that FILTHY face!

We have been having the best weather ever this summer. I think our AC has been on 3 times. The nights are cool and beautiful. I don't even mind the rain we've been getting here and there...the grass is green like it is in spring instead of crunchy brown, and I'm saving time (and money!) on watering all the rest of the plants.
Jeff and I usually stay home on the weekends. We are not big entertainers and although sometimes we throw a date night in there somewhere, we usually just try to do something special with the kids. Movie night, a bike ride, a camp fire. Yes, it's boring to some I'm sure, (and to us sometimes too!) but by the weekend, I just can't muster up the energy to throw a dinner party or stay up to all hours.
One of the kids favorite things they beg for is a campfire. This last time they had found a bunch of glo-sticks in one of the kitchen cabinets. (Isaac was still at his cousin's cottage so he's not in these pictures.)
And a good sign to call it a night...when you just can't stand up anymore:


  1. Great pictures! And I agree, every child should be dirty by the end of a good summer day! My husband is only home on the weekends due to his army job and I want nothing more than to just sit on our back porch with him and have our own barbecue. Even our kids like staying home! Enjoy your day!

  2. sarah....great glow stick photos :) i love fun summer family nites!

  3. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me. My kids would do a fire and glowsticks everynight if we said yes. (Yeah, we don't). ;)
    I am also of the school of thought that a day has not been spent properly unless at least one of your children is filthy and falling down on the ground in exhaustion. What would summer be without that?!
    Have a fantastic day!