She Can't Be MY Daughter!

Abbey performed tonight in a play...King Midas and the Golden Touch...a theater program offered by our areas arts council. She attended every day for 6 weeks 9 a.m.- noon. She loved every minute of it...well, maybe not the waking up early part, but everything else. She auditioned for the part she wanted and got it...Sabrina, the witch that grants Kind Midas his wish.
She was SO nervous the day of the play she thought she would throw-up. Wait...actually, that was ME. It didn't even phase her. You couldn't have payed me a million to stand on a stage in front of a bunch of people and act. You couldn't have payed me a million to stand on a stage PERIOD.
She did terrific...her lines were perfect and she is a natural. I am so proud of her, Even though I think she's absolutely crazy.


  1. Kids are full of surprises, huh? How courageous of her! And she looks SO beautiful and grown-up.

  2. I sense just how proud you are ... how wonderful!

    She does look beautiful in her costume. Glad to hear she had a fun time!

  3. Being in school plays was probably the most fun I had in high school. Good for her!

  4. Oh thats so cool! She looks so cute!!
    Ive been in a couple church plays and i was in one with a homeschool youth group. i loved it!! :)