Patrick in Stroller

Patrick LOVES his pink and purple toy stroller. He pushes it around the block once a day. Sometimes, when he gets mad at me for not letting him go to the "busy street", he hoists it over his head with one hand and whips it down the sidewalk. What a man. He has recently found a new use...a nice little resting spot. Tight, but nice.


  1. SWEET! My girls ALL went through that phase of wanting to be pushed around in the doll stroller. Our current house allows for some great, fast rides ;)

  2. He looks adorable! Reminds me of my son trying to squeeze into things as well! Enjoy your day!

  3. Oh my, I looove that picture! What a cute, cute boy.

  4. Sweet!!!

    My kiddos love to push buggies, stollers and toys--- morning noon and night.

    Good practice for when he is a daddy!

  5. how cute! My daughter loves her little toy stroller too, and she wants me to push her around in it on a fairly regular basis...not sure how long the fabric will take that kind of abuse! ;)

  6. oh...i remember when annie always wanted to do this..go for walk with her babies. sweet memories.

    my kids threw them too.
    silly kids.