A Couple More Reunion Pics

I feel like I failed miserably at my assignment of 'reunion photographer'...I had envisioned taking about 1000 more photos than I actually did, with every single family accounted for, and great individual pictures of the children. That didn't happen...first, I didn't want to be obnoxious...sticking the camera in every one's face, and second, Patrick's attraction to all things he shouldn't do (see last pic), set me up for failure. My wonderful sister-in-law, Rosemarie, came to my rescue and took so many great pictures...she saved me in many ways. I owe her one.

Some more reunion pics...black and white's and sepia's...it was hard for me to take good pics with glaring sun, and this is the easy way out to avoid inconsistent color.

A little artistic flair....out of necessity...


  1. Sarah - you did a fantastic job! They are perfect! And wow, look at Patrick... trouble maker!! :)

  2. Those are WONDERFUL shots, and I do think that the sepia and blank and white make them better and more timeless. The features of the people stand out more and you don't get absorbed in the details! Good job!

  3. Sarah - I love you're blog and have been a silent follower for a few months now. I dont really know how the whole thing really works so I just bookmark the design blogs I really like. I was looking at you're pictures of the reunion and admiring the photography when i realized i recognized krull park and the camp area! I then went back and read the name on the t-shirt. I may be wrong but are you related to Bridget or Bill by any chance. Strange I know, but it would be funny if I was following a blog of someone from my childhood hometown!

  4. Lovely photos. I popped in to see Rose yest and as she was away, I was talking to Andrew, sounds like you all had a great time. and you're right, Rose's shop is gorgeous :-)

  5. What a great job you did! I was unofficially the reunion photographer too, at our reunion, but I didn't even come close to what you were able to produce! When I get put on the spot like that, it is like all my knowledge goes out the window--er brain! I can't remember how to run some functions on my camera, I can't remember the little tricks I usually know. It is horrible! I guess I just need more practice....wouldn't hurt if I read that camera manual one more time either!