What strange pictures.
Let me explain:

We have 3 cell phones in our family. I have one...that I only use in emergencies. Only my kids and Jeff know the number. Jeff has his, and we recently purchased a "family phone" for me to give to the person in need...who happens to be Isaac most of the time.

You understand that, don't you? Well, good, because that's one less person I'll have to remind! When we first purchased this phone, we threatened to get him a Jitterbug...you know...the "old person" phone with really big numbers?

Every time he begged for a phone, Jeff and I would start singing Jitterbug (really named Wake Me Up) by George Michael, just to drive him insane.
You put the boom-boom into my heart
You send my soul sky high
When your loving starts
A jitterbug into my brain
It goes a bang-bang
Till my feet do the same
But something's bugging me
Something ain't right
My best friend told me what you did last night
You left me sleeping in my bed
I was dreaming but I should have been with you instead

He would try SO hard to not laugh, even though he was SO mad we weren't taking his phone requests seriously.
Anyways, before he started high school, we ended up getting a NICE phone...at least it was cool and modern a whole YEAR ago...you can imagine what the ancient, embarrassing, so LAME, device looks like now.
SO back to square one. After a year of him possessing this "family phone", it has (suspiciously?) stopped working correctly. That's where these pictures come in. We are discussing, as a family, the new phone we may be purchasing. (We, meaning Isaac!) Jeff quickly put the Ipod on Jitterbug, and we are dancing to the tune in the kitchen. Isaac said, "It's not funny Dad. I'm going to be really mad if you put that stupid song on again." We turned it up.


  1. Oh I can't wait to have teenagers to drive crazy!!

  2. I'm glad someone else feels like we do when it comes to kids and cell phones. I love your idea of the "family phone." Awesome!

    Love your jitterbug pictures,too!

  3. I just about died laughing... the pictures and the lyrics almost put me there with you guys. What a cutie husband you have!! :)

    Unfortunately, my kids were latch key for a long time - they had to walk to and from school at different times too. They each have a basic phone (text and downloads are blocked and they can only call the numbers in the address book!)...

  4. our kids don't have cell phones either.
    when i accidently washed my nice phone....i had to replace it with a prepaid package phone from walmart shelf. lauren (my teen) hid it under all the food because she didn't want anyone to even see it IN OUR CART!!! how embarrassing!
    she wants a phone so badly but when you can't behave for even one day...a phone is not in her future.
    remember when it was a big deal if you got a DISKman at christmas?!! now we are expected to just give our kids expensive cell phones with monthly plans all the time. and everytime they break them. and everytime a better one comes out.
    and it just a toy to them. if there is a real emergency...they could find a real phone.
    it is a sore subject around here.
    can you tell?
    i think a family phone may be the way to go...
    thanks for the idea. :)

  5. You always make me laugh! I'm secretly kind of excited for the teenage years because I have so many embarrassing ideas saved up! Does anyone ever tell you you look just like "Juliet" on Lost???

  6. I love it! But of course I will not have Jitterbug stuck in my head all day. I actually don't have that on my Ipod. I think I am going to need to buy it!

  7. Too funny! Sounds like my household!! Thanks for sharing

  8. Oh my gosh -- I agree w/ Jamie, the lyrics and photos totally made me feel like I was there watching. You guys are the funniest (and 'funnest') parents -- I hope that we are half as creative and patient when we have kids. Also, family phone? GREAT idea!

  9. PS I now have to go download that song onto my iPod...can't believe I don't already have it! :)

  10. That song is just hilarious to me. It probably has something to do with Zoolander, and it's association with a certain freak gasoline-fight accident.

  11. What a hoot! I don't even have a cell phone for emergency purposes. I have to borrow the hubs' phone if I go out of town!

  12. Too funny!

    And my grandma totally has a Jitterbug...

  13. LOL!!! My hubby needed a new phone and I was teasing him mercilessly about getting a jitterbug.

  14. This is a family trait of ours and we don't even have teenagers. And, I am a HUGE Wham! fan.....love that song!

  15. Can you imagine the horror of having a jitterbug in high school? hee hee

  16. So glad I came across your blog, you made me laugh! That is a seriously good idea..."sure you can have a phone sweetie but only the Jitterbug one." That would keep them from asking:)


  17. too funny! I, happily, will be going to bed tonight with that song in my head. I always love your post, you have such a great way to make so many smile.

  18. That is so funny. We wouldn't let our son get his phone until his 14th birthday, and when he complained that he wasn't getting some crazy, does-it-all phone, we threatened a Jitterbug, too! Every time we heard a complaint, we also burst into song. It's so funny that you do the same thing. I'll have to tell him that other people have weird parents, too!

  19. You made a comment on my blog a very long time ago. Somehow the comment got saved and I never read through it. Had I at the time, we would already be fast friends! :)

    I loved what you said about motherhood and had to come take a look to see who you were. What a treat! Love your writing, love your photography, and love that you love to do what I live to do.

  20. LOL! I love that song! How funny!