I've Been Busy...

I know I owe some very important people some phone calls...Mom, Renee, Liz...
I'm still alive...they haven't tied me up and left me to starve yet...
if I said I couldn't find the phone would that be a good excuse?
Actually, we have been completing a few projects around here....and when projects are in order, all else HAS to go to the wayside....because I can't do it all.
Isaac and I painted the fence on either side of our front yard...I payed him $7/hour or $50...which ever he made out better on. ($50 by a mere $4.) If you think that is too much, you are so wrong because it was a job from h-e-double toothpicks. Poison ivy (like I need more of that...I'm being eaten alive!), hornets, branches scratching us and ripping our hair out...and then only to do the OTHER side. But it's done and looks brand new and will look that way for years and years, right? Because we both agreed we are NEVER painting it again!
I also re-landscaped the area in front of the fence...putting in my favorites...hosta, ivy and hydrangeas.
Some more landscaping in the back...ripping out some rangy box woods and planting these guys...
Matt, Andrew and I stained the swing set today...and bought a new "slippery" slide...ours had gotten dull and dirty and worst of all...SLOW.
This little guy got his last shots on Friday and conked the car on the way home. How cute is that? (Look at that red sucker...even that couldn't keep him awake!) So...good news...he has slept a LONG nap every day...bad news...when he's up, he's NOT his jolly self.
Which is why I have to go NOW...a bike ride is in order...


  1. I think I am going to keep reading and re-reading this post... over and over and over again, until it motivates me to get out in the yard and do SOMETHING with our overgrown flower beds. This pregnancy has me ZAPPED and I my house/yard are suffering so. But it's better than my children suffering, right?

  2. The fence looks really nice and so does the plantings you did! Your little boy looks too cute and sticky!!! Hope you're enjoying your summer!

  3. Does Isaac make house calls? I made it half-way through this Spring and it's haunting me now that it still needs to be finished.

  4. Your yard looks lovely! And Patrick looks just like a little boy should - pooped and stuicky :)

  5. What a lovely yard! And I'm so impressed with the fence. He did a much better job than I could do!

  6. i fell like a lazy bum right now.
    what can i get done today? this week? i am feeling motivated because that yard look fabulous!

    you avoid the phone like me too? :)
    sarah are you sure we aren't the same person? HA!

  7. everything looks so beautiful!!

  8. the fence look fantastic and a sleeping baby perfect.