Family Reunion 2009

beilein reunion5




beilein reunion6




beilein reunion3

beilein reunion1

beilein reunion2

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beilein reunion7


  1. Great photos of a wonderful family!

    Loved your previous post about "down time" - hard to find in the summer...that will come in the fall - as well as some couple time, too. It's all about trips, picnics, reunions, backyard fires, etc, now...the only down time comes between 11 PM and 7 AM with my eyes closed! (And you may not even be getting that.)

  2. That looks like a great family reunion. I love the first picture collage...it needs a frame.

  3. Absolutely LOVE the picture of the grands. 44!!!!! What a reunion. I wonder how in the world you picked a weekend that so many of you could be together? No matter how hard and far ahead we plan, it always seems that we can't all be together!!! What a great post!!!

  4. I love all these pictures! What a great reunion and what a great family to be a part of! Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. What an awesome picture to see. I only wish we had family reunions like that. Very different culture in Southern CA, compared to where you are.
    I am trying my best to bring family values back to the table.

  6. that looks like a blast and very familiar...we have 8 kids and 27 grandkids in our family...just on one side! i love those big crazy gatherings! thanks for sharing.

  7. Looks like you had a great family reunion!! Loved the pictures!!

  8. And I thought my mom had a lot of grandchildren ... WOW!

    How awesome that you all gathered to celebrate FAMILY! Wonderful pictures too.

  9. I am amazed by this. Where does your family fall into the family? And how long was the reunion a few days, a weekend? That is an incredible tribute to the parents. Wow.

  10. this is WAY more cool than any of our family reunions. in fact we had one this sunday and it was quite different than yours. my kids were the only kids and they were so bored. i want to be in your family. :)

  11. Remarkable, really. What a blessing to have such a large family reconnect in such a fun way! And I agree with Trish... adopt us too!

  12. What a wonderful Reunion! I am planning ours for next year - it is my husband's side of the family. Did you do it for a few days or a week? Ours is a week long event and I have not picked a location yet.

    I adore your collage! It looks fantastic!

  13. Oh, love this!! This looks like something out of a movie or a book. We don't have such a large family like that...it's got to be so much fun to have such creative activities with tons of people!! Cherish this for sure!

  14. WOW!! Do not sell yourself short, Sarah!! These pic's are fantasic! You have a wide variety of shots!! The kids truly enjoyed the weekend. Will LOVES your blog, Abbey's too. He is hoping that Issac, Abbey, and Andrew will keep in touch with him. Maybe they could visit or vise versa, sometime? Billy has a bball camp for kids in teh beginning of Aug. Maybe Issac would enjoy that?! I love your blog. I have received some great ideas from you. Keep in touch and enjoy this summer. OH- Billy is cracking on the baby idae. I'll keep you in the KNOW!! Thanks! Luv, Natalie

  15. I am so sorry, Sarah!! Matthew too!! I knew I was forgetting someone and Bobby shouted his name out! What a great brood of children you have!!