John Beilein Interview-Sacrifice and Dedication

Love this interview with my Uncle John (my mom is his oldest sister) and everything he has to say about hard work, competition, the drive that is necessary as the sole provider for his family, growing up in a big family, peas and toast mentality (you get what you get and you like it!), the "Greatest Generation", and my wonderful Aunt Kathleen who is one of my top mother mentors.


  1. That was fascinating! Living in Australia I don't know a great deal about American college basketball, but I really enjoyed the entire interview! I got goosebumps when I realised you were descended from the "Band of Brothers" family. Thank you so much for sharing Sarah. Emma xx

  2. i am so excited to watch this entire interview tomorrow! my eyeballs to too tired to watch it all right now. we live in the ann arbor area! we are {chadtough}. {chadtough} and his family go to our church. thank you for sharing this video!

    1. my eyeballs are too tired is what i meant to say...

  3. Sarah, Thank you for sharing this. We have family in Ann Arbor and they go to games all the time. I loved this video....family history is a passion of mine and his/yours is fascinating! I love the parts about how he/his generation grew up. Reading your blog for years now, I know that you (and I do this too) are trying to raise your children to value work ethic and know that the things they are given were earned by someone's hard work. It is hard to balance these things in the age of "entitlement" that we seem to live in. You have been an inspiration to me (and given great advice at just the right times) and lots of your other readers. Keep up the great work! We need more parents like you in this world. :)

  4. Loved this Sarah. We have been a basketball family since my oldest was 3, and could not be without his basketball. He is now almost 18, and tore his PCL last month during his Senior basketball season. Many ask if he wants to play D2, but I think he's ready to let it go. He talks about 2 things in his future, 1.Medical school, or 2. Teaching high school and coaching basketball. My boys love your Uncle, and knowing you through your blog all these years has made it extra fun watching the games. What a truly genuine man he is. Thanks so much for sharing.