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Thinking:  My goal this school year is to do all these things-get outside, take a nap and get enough sleep at night, fresh air!, exercise and eat right.  A walk talks care of sunshine, air and exercise!
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Janey turned SEVEN, and we celebrated with a very simple birthday party which I enjoyed thoroughly because it was SIMPLE.  Her favorite gift from us were Legos-I thought I was finished with Legos in my life, but she LOVES them.  And I've said it before, I think they are worth every penny-concentration, step-by-step direction following, and patience.  And sorting, and neatness, and perseverance.  I (or someone around here) built the first set she got with her and then helped with the second, and now she is good to go.) . I sort of find it relaxing too, even if I am just sitting next to her "helping" (which means doing nothing but sitting next to her).  It's quiet one-on-one time that we both treasure.
(Save $26 off this dollhouse...some of the Lego Friends series are on sale for really good prices!!!!   Doing a little early Christmas shopping myself.)

Great birthday gift to stash away:


I am reading this right now and LOVING it.  The "real" not for children account of Laura's life-the prairie was the simple life but NOT the easy life.  I can't put it down.


  1. Henry turns 7 the 18th and his favorite thing to do is build with Legos. I got him a set when he was 3 and it's all he does, he loves them! He completed the Death Star and Hogwarts Castle last year (by himself). He creates his own things too and does his own version of ones we don't have. Our kids don't have tablets or phones or video games, and they watch very little t.v. They build, read, draw, and play. Legos are absolutely worth every penny, they learn so much. We find alot of sets and loose pieces on Facebook yard sale sites so you might want to check that out. We got every Elves set and every Friends set(to 2018) for $60!🤩 You can also sign up for the nagazine Lego Life. It's free until they are 10. I think I covered it all! Happy Birthday Janey🎈!

  2. Last school year meant all of my kids at home still are out of the house by 6:30 so I modified my work schedule and routine to walk the dog every morning after everyone leaves. It has now just become part of the routine and I rarely miss a day, even if I can only do a shorter 1 1/2 miles vs our normal 2 1/2! Definitely get air, exercise, and usually sun! My walk often takes me around our lake and it's nice to pause and take in the beauty of the water. I listen to interesting podcasts or an audio book so its me time but exercising the dog as well!!

    Nice motivation on starting some early shopping. Would love to hear how your revamped Christmas gift giving has worked for you - something to read, wear, etc?? As my kids get older this appeals more and more...I want to give meaningful and useful gifts not just stuff!

    Definitely suggest The Honey Bus as a great read!!! I think you will love it.

  3. Wow! Your goals are awesome! I teach 4th grade so my list is a bit different, ha!

  4. PS - you'd love Prairie Girl- the unabridged autobiography that LI Wilder wrote before the children's chapter books It never got published in her lifetime but was recently published. Amazing

  5. This book looks and sounds amazing!! Thanks for the recommendation!