7 Rules

7 Rules Of Life, motivational poster print

Life is good, even when it doesn't go our way, or is difficult or has obstacles you'd least expect to have.  No one chooses hardships-but I have found that those who don't experience them aren't very deep people.  In other words, the hardships in life make you-they make you real, just like the Velveteen rabbit story.  They make you compassionate and happier, and more content, and more empathetic and easier to talk to and more genuine and loving and forgiving.  And they do that by putting you through hell first and when you walk through that, one tiny baby step at a time, you become.

Gratitude is always the way out of darkness.  Noticing the littlest things and being so so grateful for them-sparkling eyes of children and the smell of babies, and gorgeous nature everywhere and to taste and smell and see and hear and walk and talk-if we can do any of those things, we are lucky.  We are all lucky to be alive experiencing life, there are many people who would trade a day with us.


  1. Love your thoughts and those 7 rules!!

  2. Oh isn't this the truth!!! I love this so much Sarah!!! You said this perfectly!!!

  3. Once again thank you for this reminder and so much other good simple advice. I love checking in here with you/your family/recipes/home,kids,life advice. I always feel better & am reminded of the important things which at times are hard to keep in the forefront of my mind with so much extra noise in the world today. Thank you again for the reminder!