Ordinary Days

My favorite month-September.  Quiet days, and fluttering leaves and brilliant sun, and cool mornings.  What is there not to love?  (Allergies?)

This is Ohio in September-beautiful!  (Thanks for the photo Jillian.)

From my garden.

I love this place.

Aren't these grocery store roses gorgeous?   Why don't brides just buy these and cut them and put them in pretty vintage containers and call it a day for a billion less than they usually spend?  (Why didn't I?)

Lots of birthdays around here.

Apple pie instruction class.


This is SO SO true.  Why does everyone ask me where things are before they even look?  


  1. My friend did that for her wedding - got beautiful Kroger bouquets, bought vintage vases/pitchers from the thrift store, and made beautiful table arrangements. They looked amazing!

  2. September is my fave as well!!!! Love that sign!! I am campaigning for a screened in porch but we can't figure out how to tie to the existing house (roof/drainage wise) so would love to see your roofline pictures of the sun porch.

    1. Send me an email and I will send you some pics-it was a little tricky.

  3. Is "Eat the food Tina!" on the cake a Napoleon Dynamite reference? haha!

  4. I love your ordinary days posts...they always bring me back to home, family, love, simplicity. So refreshing and encouraging! I showed my 10 year old daughter the picture of your sign and she said, "Hey, I do that! Sometimes I just ask you where things are before even look!"

  5. For my April wedding (which was admittedly very simple--we went with a picnic-ish vibe), we bought 4-packs of petunias, wrapped them in wide ribbon, and put them on the tables with white tablecloths and gingham table toppers. I felt like it was charming and I loved it, but this was back in 2007, when shabby-chic was perhaps a little more "in" than it is now. Regardless, I have no regrets. Doing it all simply allowed me and my husband and our parents to truly enjoy the celebration of having found each other and joining our lives. I love thinking back on my wedding, I think mainly for that reason.

  6. That sign.....once I was out of town and my husband at home texted me to find something (a kid's jacket maybe I don't remember) and I "found" it for him, even though he and his eyeballs were in the same house as the jacket and I was in a different state. Why is this so universally true??!?