Favorite Things

Some of my favorite things:
I've been using this lately on my face and it's wonderful.  The jar is huge and lasts forever and it's only $12.10! It feels like a much much more expensive moisturizer.  (I also use my favorite oil.)

Premium Pizza Cutter Wheel by Mozzbi, Pizza Slicer cutter - Super Sharp - stainless steel with Protective Sliding Blade Guard, locking blade cover for safety
Our pizza cutter broke and I bought this one instead and love it.  It would be ideal for cutting up little bits for babies to eat if you don't do baby food (which I hardly ever did.) . I use it for waffles and pancakes and even shredding salad in a bowl.

I finally bought some microfiber cloths for cleaning and love these.  

No excuses to not drink enough water -or to pretend you have!


  1. I swear by that pizza cutter. I use it for everything!

  2. I love everything you have to say! I seriously try so hard to not read your blog often so I can read a whole bunch of posts at once and cherish every bit of them!😂😂😂

  3. Oh I dislike my pizza cutter so definitely getting this one!! I love love love the book light you recommended in another post - it is going to be my #1 gift this Christmas!

  4. Thank you!
    We have never had a pizza cutter that works!
    Happy September!

  5. Always love your recommendations.