Our Favorite Craft and Art Supplies

A few of our tried and true favorite simple and easy (not messy, no prep) craft and art supplies.  These are the things I say "Go do..." when I hear "I'm bored".

I've mentioned this before-so fun to use, like glue sticks but glide on with color-no stickiness or mess.  We have given these as gifts several times and they are hits!


Great inexpensive art case-I bought one each for Patrick and Janey and they use them all the time.  (And so do I.)

This has always been a favorite (you can see how old and beat up it is) and is NOT for little fingers, but as soon as kids can learn to be careful, they will spend hours cutting book marks and all sorts of things.  For $7.99 it is worth the time of occupation it buys!  I've only had to replace the blades once.

For stories and illustrations.

Fun activity books.  
This is Janey's (7) and she loves it.

These are smaller (6x9) so perfect for toting around to soccer games and football games etc..
Patrick keeps one next to his bed.

Mentioned these a dozen times but love them.

My parents gave me a little set of chairs and a table when Isaac was young two decades ago and we have used that set into the ground.  They seem to contain more than an easel and have a multiple of uses.  (I garbage picked another table because Janey needs extra space for her "work".)


  1. This couldn't have come at a better time, I'm grabbing that activity book for our 5hour drive to the beach Tuesday. Thanks Sarah!

  2. Thanks! Have a friend with a 7 year old girl and I am always looking for things. Love the activity book. Can you suggest good books for this age and maybe a good series. (I believe she is a little advanced in her reading) 1st grader

  3. Always love these posts - thank you!