Before and After

I have been begging, bribing, cajoling Isaac to get his hair cut short for years....I am no fan of this new 70's "long hair" fad with boys.

Isaac is going to basketball camp with a friend on Sunday and they decided to get buzz cuts. I asked him if he was sure about 10 times and he kept saying yes, so I threw him in the car and zipped to the barber before he could chicken out. Thank God he has no regrets. I told him if he did, there ain't nothin' I could do about it.  I have a bunch of experience under my belt in the "hair regret" department.


  1. I love it! He looks ready for high school now!!!!!

  2. wow, it looks great Isaac! Uncle John will put you on the first team!! You look totally older. aunt katie

  3. I never noticed how beautiful his eyes are!! WOW!! He is your son!!


  4. LOOKS GREAT. I prefer shorter hair too, but then I don't deal with that with 5 girls ;)

    He does look a lot older!

  5. Hey...he does have eyebrows...!