A Whole Lot of (Seeing) Stars

Isaac played in the All-Star game tonight...last game of the season. (Baseball is my favorite sport to watch but I'm ready for the time commitment to be over.) Anyways, he was playing short stop and went to tag a guy at second and was PLOWED down by a huge kid who had about 150 pounds on him. (And that is no exaggeration...Isaac is 80 pounds and 5' ...this guy was at least 200-something pounds and 6 feet tall). I happened to see the whole thing from my van where I was nursing Patrick. Which happened to be a very good place for me to be at the time seeing that I screamed an obscenity and had to resist my urge to sprint onto the field. I saw Isaac fly up off his feet and land flat down on his back. And then lay there completely still. All his team came running and then the coaches and then Jeff...you know it's bad when a parent actually runs out. Finally, after minutes that seemed like hours, the coach helped pull Isaac up and asked him what hurt. He said "My butt!" and all his teammates laughed. I thought for sure we were in for another trip to our favorite place...the E.R.

When we got home I made him reenact it just for putting me through such a scare.
(And by the way he did successfully make the double play that led to his injuries...and went on to catch the final out in that very same inning. I'm sure he'd like me to mention that.)


  1. Now that I have a son, I am NOT looking forward to those days!! When Shea was in the first grade, she was hit in the face with a softball. I was the crazy mom running on the field screaming "Oh my God!!"