The Bus Stop

Andrew, Patrick and I spent the weekend at my parents. I took a walk with Andrew to show him I wasn't really exaggerating my long daily trip to the bus stop. Unfortunately, he thought it was so fun and wished he could do it everyday. There goes one of my best "if you only knew" threats wasted on the one who needs it the most. Darn! I'll have to come up with another one.


  1. I found your blog while I was blog surfing, I have only read the "About me" part. and I am hooked!. I will come back and read more as I get the time. I also am from a family of 7 plus. But we are all grown now and I am a Grandfather, Yes the days you have now are some of the best, but the Grand parent days are every bit as good. so don't worry to much about them growing up.( well ok you can worry about the teen years but thats all). Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh geez, you so needed to show the hill that is the killer part. Once you got to that part it was a breeze.