A Quick Note to Mr. Andrew

Dear Andrew-
I hope you always remember how much Abbey played with you when no one else would. An 11- year-old girl's favorite thing is NOT Thomas the Train, but you can always count on Abbey to let you boss her around.
Whenever she has a friend over, you are the biggest tag-a-long ever, and she hardly ever complains.
And also, if you can't fall asleep at night, she lets you sleep in her bed with her.
I hope that as you both get older, you take care of each other like you do now and remain best buddies.
Abbey will be starting college, Andrew, when you are her age. I have a feeling she will be missed. And hopefully not just because she will be driving you around to all your social activities by then.
You need to give your sister a big hug and kiss everyday. Some chocolate wouldn't hurt either. And maybe a pair of nice earrings.
Love, Mom

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