Ordinary Days

An apron with her sister high heeled boots that we have forbidden her to wear because they are so loud.

My work the other day-the brush pile!  It felt so good to get outside and work even if I am paying for it in wrist pain today.

He is such a good speller.

Bursting with excitement. 

Yes I know nothing is ordinary now but I am trying to keep it as ordinary as possible.  We are having fun homeschooling-I LOVE IT.  That doesn't mean it goes smoothly at all.  I keep thinking of the moms with colicky babies or any babies and then kids who need help learning and I've been there and know that this is hard!  It is so much easier now with only two kids that need supervision.  We are working out the glitches together-like kids bickering.

Here is the rough schedule that has worked for these three days.  (Matt is on spring break, Andrew (16) is on his own with school and is always willing to help me.)

We get up when we get up.  Usually 8 (heck not the older kids).  Showers and bed making and slow breakfast.  Patrick usually creeps down earlier and watches a little TV and then I send him up to do his bedroom chores.

We have tackled a family job each morning.  I want to incorporate real life practical learning.  Today we washed the inside and outside of the car.  Yesterday we picked up some sticks in the yard and I gave the kids a few quick inside jobs.  I am going to make a list and see if it could be something the youngest two and I do together.  Cooking, cleaning, organizing, how to fix things.  Pumping gas is up next! 

I have in mind doing school work from 10-2ish, with lunch while we work.  Today I sent Patrick on a race around the block when he was hitting maximum overload.  He timed himself.

On rainy days we are going to watch a documentary together in the afternoon. 

We decided for the week to have a movie night every night.  We've watched The Greatest Showman and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  (If you have any suggestions of really good movies-no cartoons, let me know!)

Janey was jumping up and down when I told her we are going to do a project for her habitat study in Social Studies.  I LOVE PROJECTS.  (The project will consist of a poster board and construction paper and lists about the ocean and dolphins.)  I have to think of one for Patrick that interests him. 

I love being home.  I love the kids being home.  Attitude is everything-remember.  Simple expectations so there is little to no stress and lots of play.  Simple meals, simple jobs.

I am still working on 40 Bags in 40 Days.  I had a bag full from the boys closet that is going to Goodwill.  I am not doing the hard spring cleaning with the kids home as much. 

Abbey and I are tackling her room and closet today.  More photos soon on Instagram and I will post here this weekend.  The garage is a big one and I am excited to get to that this weekend if the weather is decent.


  1. Cool Runnings, Princess Bride, Singing in the Rain

  2. I am loving the kids being home all day, but I have to be honest... school is tanking hard. I am no teacher :( Having the schooling of these 5 kiddos just handed to me was one heck of a life lesson. I have MUCH to learn!

    1. I know we all do! It is going to be a learning process and remember you can only do the best you can do. Running the house efficiently and doing basics like reading books is the starting point.

  3. Secondhand Lions, Holes, Pollyanna

  4. What family projects do you have planned?

    1. Do you mean work projects? Cleaning the garage and the shed and the basement. Learning to cook a simple meal for each of them.
      For school Janey had to do a habitat worksheet this week so we are going to do a poster board with photos and simple lists of facts about oceans and dolphins.
      I am going to let Patrick chose one if he wants to do a project-he has a lot of school work and a research paper.

  5. I knew you would rock the homeschooling gig!
    We do the same. Home is home. Not school.
    A rigid schedule did not work for us, so we homeschool by getting up when we get up, have a slow breakfast, and spend some time doing school with a walk and lunch in the middle.
    Anyway, enjoy your time. Stay safe. Stay cozy.
    Movies? Hmmm. We love Maleficent. The original. Not the second one.
    We are going to start Little House on the Prairie next.
    Hugs...Virtual...from Pa!

  6. Have you seen TOGO yet? We loved it at our house, all ages. It’s on Disney+ right now.

  7. Hi Sarah! The Biggest Little Farm is such a beautifully done documentary about a couple that start a natural farm... my husband and I as well as our 7,4,2 year olds were all captivated by the film!

  8. Thanks for sharing your slow, family oriented day. I like the reminder that home is home, not school, so the completion of school work has to be fitted into family rhythms not the other way around. Priorities!
    I’m pregnant with our fifth and in the throes of first trimester HG while the shutdowns have happened. Terrible timing! This too shall pass, for all of us.

  9. Movies I would suggest are My Fair Lady, Temple Grandin, and The Sandlot. You might also encourage your students to create how-to videos. A good, free screencast tool for a laptop or Chromebook is cast Screencastify. My grands love making how-tos!

  10. We just read "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" and then watched the awesome film- "Hugo"--hit with multiple ages and parents. Thanks for the positivity :)

  11. I homeschooled my girls from when they were in 3rd and 5th grade. I loved it! It was the best!! Now my youngest is a high school senior and taking community college classes. We still do a few things together but it's not the same was when she was younger!! I loved the practical skills and the projects and the documentaries!!

  12. Signed, Sealed, Delivered: 'The Impossible Dream' is the best episode of the Postables series!
    Corinna, Corinna (early Whoopi Goldberg)
    Heaven is For Real
    Miss Potter (Renee Zellweger)
    Sleepless in Seattle (Tom Hanks)
    October Sky
    84 Charing Cross Road
    Mr. Rogers "Won't You be MY NEIGHBOR?" (the real Mr. Rogers)
    For the older kids:
    In the Heart of the Sea (Moby Dick)
    Freedom Writers
    Stardust (Fantasy)
    Just Like Heaven (Reese Witherspoon)

  13. I'm binge watching Anne With An E (Anne of Green Gables). It's so good!

  14. The great race is a classic and so funny! What a great idea. I’ve homeschooled my kids for many years so our lives have not changed that much. It’s fun to see how other families work it into their lives.

  15. FYI there's adult content in episode 7 of season 2. It is apparently not part of the original story.

  16. Love the movie night idea! We love...
    Swiss Family Robinson
    Old Yeller
    Mary Poppins
    Homeward Bound the incredible journey
    Parent Trap

  17. A little princess, chitty chitty bang bang, Swiss family Robinson, Homeward Bound, Cinderella live action, Nanny Mcphee Returns, Mary Poppins Returns, New Charlottes web, the Karate Kid, The Blind Side, Coach Carter (older), Goal (older), The pursuit of Happyness, Babe, Charlie and the chocolate factory.

    Great movies for entertainment and teaching morals and values.

    Love following you for all these years :)