40 Bags in 40 Days-Post Six

I had a busy weekend with surprise visitors so I took a break from my rampage through the house.

Matt's room (well when he's home from college) was up next.  It's a little room so pretty easy.  EXCEPT that I got carried away when I started cleaning and realized how bad the trim and doors needed to be painted.  I had the house painted a few years ago but we skipped this room because it will full of Legos and lizards and lots of things.

I whipped out the paint and drop cloths and painted the trim in one day-the same day I repainted the desk. (Remember I have NO kids home during the day-they are all at school)!  Doing this slowed me down a little bit also.  But the room looks SO fresh and clean.

Keep in mind that with photos show a room I just cleaned and that no one for this minute lives in.  Matt is coming home from spring break, so Andrew moved into the "boy's room".  Which is up next for me to tackle.  Maybe I should post a pic of what this room looks like after a college kid comes home.  Eeeek!

All furniture in here was free from various sources.

"Junk drawer" on top, books in bottom.

I cleaned these drawers out with Matt when he moved back to college last year.  

We don't have a dresser in the room just these plastic drawers which work great for socks, underwear, shorts and workout pants.  Everything else gets hung up.  (Shoes are for a business Matt has.)

The little chest on the very top shelf is a scrapbook box of little things-like mementos, letters, little stuffed animals, etc. that have been collected over the years. 

Paint Color- SW Rarified Air

TIPS on teen rooms:

-Make them sit and go through everything with you, even if it is torture.  Bribe them with ice cream.

-Hold up each item of clothing and say yes or no.  Does it fit, do you wear it, is it comfortable?  Make them try on if necessary.

-Scrapbook boxes. I have storage containers in the attic for each child, and this is where I keep those special things, whether clothing items, a trophy that really meant something, a toy that was loved etc.  


  1. Oh gosh- it's so true about teens' rooms- they simply cannot clean it out themselves! They'll keep everything and get rid of nothing haha. I find that my boys keep less junk than my girls, but every so often we have to do a deep cleaning out. Otherwise, they just have no space- and most of my big kids share a room, which means even less space! But how come all your son's clothes are gone from the closet? I guess we keep too much because when my older three are at college, the closets are still full of clothes! I need to work on that!

    1. He took them all to school. It will be very full this summer!

  2. Wow! The room looks so clean and bright! You did a great job!

  3. I'm really enjoying following along with this project! But, a little off topic, can you tell me about the shutters in his room? Did you install these yourself or have them installed? If you installed yourself, was it a difficult project? I'd love to have these in our bedrooms. I see that you still have the window pulls on the windows. Our windows are similar to yours, and I didn't want to have to remove those handles if I added shutters. Thanks!

    1. Hi Kathy! The shutters are original to the house. We have them in abbeys room also - I wish everywhere too!

  4. I would love to hear your tips on getting through the quarantine. We are on day 4 of a complete quarintine because I have a immune compromised child. Today was a rough one!