40 Bags in 40 Days-Post Five

The "kid's" bathroom.  We are lucky to now have three full baths in our house, but when we just had two this was called "the kid's bathroom".  It is small and simple.  Easy to clean with great original-to-the-house built in storage. 

Abbey's things on the right, boy's on the left. :)

All Abbey's things.

Since older kids are coming and going these drawers get junky fast.  Abbey and I cleaned these out together but we kept a lot of "we don't know whose this is" things just in case.

I don't keep extra sets of sheets but I do keep a couple extra pillowcases.

I HATE running out of toilet paper.  This along with laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent and dish soap are well stocked in my house.

I keep cleaning supplies in each bathroom so I don't have to lug anything around.

I use different towels for each bathroom.  This way I am not running to each bathroom to decide where the towels came from.

Hooks for hanging towels are much easier than the towel bars in kids bathrooms.

Wall Color:

 Valspar Ambrosia 1160


  1. Because of you I have been doing this for......10 years? I don't know when you started but I do it and love it! thank you for being a constant beacon in this crazy world. I love your blog. Always have. ♥

  2. Your louvred cupboard looks nice painted white. I've got a dark brown varnished one, but you've inspired me to paint it white!