Toddler Tips: Starting Out The Morning Right

This is another little miracle I found over the years in dealing with toddlers.  Sometimes they can easily react to the busyness of the day beginning-we have an agenda as mothers, especially the mothers of many, of things we want to do that day and things that need to get done.  And routines are so important for ALL of us.  But I found that many grouchy, obstinate, whiny toddlers can quickly change to having a great day if we just slow down, even for a few minutes and hold them, hug them, talk to them, or read to them, or set up some little toy for them---almost like they needed to 'touch home base' (literally connect with us through physical closeness) before they set off on their day.  Suddenly the clinginess can stop, and it changes their whole demeanor.


  1. Yes, yes, yes! This is especially helpful if the toddler has recently lost his role as the baby with the birth of a new sibling :)

  2. I have to agree! I have to factor in a fair amount of 'cuddle time' to my days as there are several toddlers and young children here! It really does help, they just need to know it's all good. I also second the setting up of an activity every now and then. Sometimes they're so fractious that you have to put in an actual concerted effort to divert that energy.

  3. I love your helpful posts like this!! Please do more!!