The Cutest Personalized Gift Idea

My friend's daughter started a booming business (while in college!) and is selling these cutest bags, and pillows and onesies like hotcakes. I love giving gifts like this-something different and original, handmade and meaningful to the recipient.

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It is always a challenge to find a gift that is unique and meaningful, but with this business, you can find affordable gifts that are sure to evoke memories, motivations, and moments.

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A little over a year ago, I shared this young entrepreneur who was just starting to grow her business, Anne Cate. It has been quite a year of growth for this college senior. Anne Cate began out of a passion for creating and has scaled immensely.

Anne Cate’s skyline accessories make the perfect gift. With the classic skyline silhouette design in a variety of over 60 different cities, these accessories are unique and meaningful. Chicago, Detroit, Florence, St. Louis, Portland, New York, and so many more.

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Each product is created by hand by both owner Anne Skoch and by Esperanza Threads, a Cleveland-based manufacturer that seeks to improve the lives of refugee women who struggle with barriers to employment through sewing training.

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All products are completely handmade in small batches using 100% organic cotton twill and quality materials, all sourced in the US.

This holiday season, gift a product that benefits the community and tells a story. Shop with purpose, with Anne Cate.

Search for your skyline at: www.annecate.com

Instgram: @annecate
Facebook: www.facebook.com/annecate

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  1. I bought a DC one for my daughter last year and she loved it!

  2. What an awesome idea. There's not one for my little city, but there is one for where I grew up. I love it! These would make great hostess gifts, stocking stuffers ... you name it! I love that it also serves a higher purpose. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you for the endless support, Sarah. It has been a wonderful journey that has only begun and glimpse of a future dream I intend to pursue.