A Fun Family Game

"I won!" 

We've found a new game that our family loves!

This is the kind of game a busy 'non-lover of games' mom can play-it's quick and requires no huge direction reading (we've adapted the way we play it depending on who is playing-and it appeals to ALL ages!)  It's a great boredom buster and would be fun for Thanksgiving Day.

The low down:

Basically as quick as one can, you are matching the quantity, shape or color of the card laid in front of you and try to get rid of your cards as quickly as possible.

I am AWFUL at writing instructions-and like I said, we do it differently depending on how many are playing and their ages (with Janey I just do a slow matching game). Here's the lowdown:

Playing the Game

1. Simultaneously players turn over the card that they placed in the center of the table signaling the beginning of the game.
2. Players race to play cards from their hand on either of the piles. In order for a card to be played it must match at least one of the characteristics, color, shape, or count, of the card on which it is being played. For instance a card with four brown stars could be played on any card with brown (color), or on a card with stars (shape), or on a card with four symbols (count).
3. Players may have up to three cards in their hand at a time and refill their hand by drawing from their draw pile.
4. Play continues until one player is completely out of cards from their hand and draw pile.

Winning the Game

The first player that successfully plays all their cards wins BLINK.


  1. I love your game and toy recommendations! Thank you!

  2. This has been one of our family favorites for years! I love teaching it to little cousins because they can finally join in the game playing fun with this one! And now one for you in case you haven't heard of it--Codenames. It was an instant success with the older kids and adults at our family gathering last Christmas. It's so much fun!

  3. This looks fun! I like Spot It, but it has different sized things to match with, and changes with every card played. If you don't have stereoscopic vision (hubby), then it hurts your eyes after a game or two.

  4. I'll have to look into this one. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Just ordered as a stocking stuffer, thank you!

  6. The rules sound a lot like Uno (I bought a similar, though cheaper version from my local Lidl supermarket), except that Uno has numbers and some extra cards to nag the other players.

    I indeed love that it's quick and my boys also start to get into that one, (4 & 6 years), but recognizing numbers can still be hard. You did give me the idea to throw out the "extra" cards, it may make it a tad bit easier for them. :) I do love it as an adult game as well, short games without big booklets are always my favourite. :)

    Also, I think that real cheap people could play a similar game with a normal stock of cards... ;-) My boys are also into a (junior) version of alias, you pick a card and describe what's on it. They're finally getting creative with it, though it's funny when my 4-year old starts with "it's a couch, it's blue, you can sit on it..." Uh. ;-) Especially in our bilingual home, I love that they finally found a word-game they actually like playing.

  7. Thanks- always love your gift guides for Christmas! Especially for teens!