Cross Your Arms

Here's a little trick I learned from my mom, who most likely learned from her mom, Josephine, mother of nine.

It's the "cross your arms" trick.

When you have a child who needs to be told something important, or reprimanded, especially one under say about 7, you have them cross their arms.  It does a couple things:

-It makes them look at you and concentrate on what you are saying.
-It makes their mood, somehow-I don't know how- change.  Usually they get a little giggly.
-It makes them look really really cute, which makes you really really less angry.

I've been doing this for years and it works wonders.

The other day, I was trying to get Andrew not to scream whenever his brother teased him.  So I made him cross his arms and said, "Repeat after me.  I, Andrew, will not scream bloody murder whenever my brother Matt teases me. I will go and get Mom instead, and she will help me."

He said, "Ok, Mom, I have one for you.  Cross your arms and repeat after me.  I, Mom, will buy her children a brand new X-Box 360."

(I said it, but inserted NOT of course.)


  1. Now THAT is an awesome trick. I'm totally using that one. That cute Patrick helps to convince me that it will work :)

  2. Too funny and I love the picture!

    By the way, I have been meaning to thank you for your wonderful tutorial on how to make a blog header using Picasa. It was so helpful in creating my new blog header. You rock girlfriend! Love your blog and many thanks! :-)

  3. We do a version of this...they have to close their hands (kind of like they are praying)...but I must say...the crossing the arms does look a little cuter ;)

  4. Patrick is way too cute! and thanks for the tip, going to add that to my bag of tricks!

  5. Oh I love this! I wonder if it will work on a 16 + 14 year old?

  6. I love this! I usually say: "look at my eyes" but to get their arms still is way better!

  7. I am going to have try this...

  8. I started trying this out this week with my very soon to be three year old son. TOTALLY works, he actually LOOKS at me while I'm talking to him! Thank You!

  9. Too cut picture. my cousin has resemblance with Patrick.
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  10. Love this post and will definately do this. Your blog is inspiring! I hope I can be such a positive force in my child's life.