Most Valuable Collection in Our House

Who'd have thought an entire post about Lego's would be blog-worthy?
One of my most favorite bloggers ever, Rachel from Testosterhome (5 boys!), asked about Lego storage, and I had this post in the unpublished archives...thought I'd bring out for all to see what my daily challenges consist of.
Matt's been Lego-gifted since he was a toddler. He can put together a box faster than anyone. Loves them.
Anyways, his collection has taken over his room and after buying hundreds of dollars worth of shelves, I decided to go a different route. I bought this table last year at Kmart and I painted it and covered it with green flannel. I added another tier (made from plywood and 2x4's) just last week, and for around 20 buckaroos, (to add another book case it would have been $340), he had tons of room to set up his train track and Lego City gear. It's definitely not the "look" of cutting edge decorating, but hey, it works for him. And matches enough for me.
It's also pretty darn functional.
This way we can also keep these:

AWAY! (at least for awhile?)
And here are the containers (from Target and Stacks and Stacks) that work really well: (and no, they don't stay perfectly organized, but do help to avoid the intense Stepping-On-Lego's-In-The-Night-Resulting-In-Intense-Foot-Pain Epidemic.)

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  1. Has no one else posted on this? Wow. I too live in Lego City and have grown to love it, but not the mess. We are rearranging bedrooms soon and I think half of my 6yo twins room is just going to be for Lego. Beginning to look for old tables even now :)

    Esther xx