Cold Day, Warm Fort

Andrew and I built this fort one day. Because I'm such a good, fun mom.

Actually, it's because I wanted an excuse to lie down, with a pillow, in a dark, cozy place. And act like I wasn't sleeping. Just resting my eyes. It was heaven for a few moments.

I almost got to the point of dozing...except for that little critter above, who kept on crawling all over my face, and except for the constant wrecking and rebuilding that went on by Andrew, sending large cushions crashing into my head.


  1. That fort looks so fun! And that face is soooo cute!

    What a a fun thing to do on a cold day!


  2. My kids have done this same thing, except in my dining room using the table. So fun....

  3. The dog and bottle - cracking me up.

  4. Fort=nap! I LOVE that idea. By the way, I can spy a Bionicle war a mile away. I spotted them on the mantle. ;)

  5. omg, I use to make the girls forts all the time. That was one of our favorite things to do. They loved them. But Katelyn was my little critter that would get into everything. I guess you won't wonder who this is now.